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Lightfestifal 2017
Welcome at my kayak website!

Hi! Welcome at my kayak site. My name is Johan. One of my hobbies is kayaking. I like to explore new places where you can kayak. I also like photography and working on websites. So the result is a website about where you can kayak and lots of photo's on it.

This is a personal page about touristic kayaking. So no information about white water or sea kayaking.
You can read where to kayak in the Netherlands and you can also find information about some places in other countries where I've been. I like to share the information I gathered over the years. It is not a coverage of all the places where you can kayak, there's still a lot to explore. So every year I write updates and I still add new pages to the site.

I hope you will enjoy it and that it may inspire you to take your kayak to the water.

If you may find something incorrect in the described routes, or if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Then I can make corrections so other people can benefit from it.
This site is copyright protected. If you are interested in using anything from this site, please contact me.

Expected precipitation for the next 3 hours A map of the Netherlands with kayak related information.
 Information about the weather on
meteotines weer wolken radar satelliet beelden onweer temperatuur wind       Images and info about the weather on Meteotines.
TKBN Touristic kayak club of the Netherlands.
Air BNB Find a place to stay overnight.
GPS Coordinates for calculation between Ddmmss and DDmmmm (decimal minutes).
Routeradar Up-to-date traffic information.
The Naked Kayaker Here you find a map with kayak rentals.

I don't rent out kayaks myself!

Just to be clear: I only share information about where to kayak. If there is a kayak rental, it is mentioned on the page. You have to contact the kayak-rental yourself, I'm not a middleman.


"Make a splash" by Floriaan Ganzevoort (NL).
A lighted ball is dropped into the water accompanied by light effects.

"Infinita" by Balmond Studio (UK).
Based on a fractal, a repeating pyramid shaped structure.
When I saw this I thought it was unfinished, as several panels seemed to be missing. But being a fractal I was probably right. The real fractal continues where the artist has stopped...

"Lightwave" by Lauren Ewing (USA).

"Light matters" by ACTLD (Belgium).
Light is projected on three tranparant screens. It changes colours and shapes. It made me think of the northern light.

"The life of a slime mold" by Nicole Banowetz (USA).
Inflatable sculpture representing a micro-organism. In changes in colour.

The life of a slime mold reflected in the shopwindow of KRFL with some kind of unicorn giraffe.
It's not part of the Lightfestifal, but just something that struck my attention.

"Lighten the light" by HOH architects (NL).
The only art-work without light. It uses a regular street lantern.

Close-up of the street lantern.

The red dot indicates where the described route is located. In this example you see Den Helder.

Print out the map, if need be laminate to protect from water, and you're ready to go.

On the Charleroi website you can see more of my photo's.