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A round trip along Bartlehiem 14.5 km and with an extra trip to Leeuwarden 26 km. No portages.
From the starting point Wyns to Leeuwarden is 6 km.

No kayak rentals

Downloadable GPS-track (26 km) from Wyns: Wyns.

To the starting point at Wyns:

From Leeuwarden head north in the direction Lekkum. Keep following the narrow road. The next village is Wyns. There is a picknicktable and a restaurant named De Winze at the footferry. This is a good starting point.

Round trip of 14.5 or 26 km from Wyns: Head north in the direction Dokkum. You pass Tichelwurk and after 3 km you come at Bartlehiem. On your left you see the famous bridge from the Eleven Cities Ice-skating tour (Elfstedentocht). Here you turn right on the Oudkerkstervaart in the direction Oudkerk. This is the same route the ice-skaters go to the finish line in Leeuwarden. After 3.4 km you turn right on the Murk. You pass Oudkerk and a small lake. After 3.8 km you come at the Kanterlandse Brug. The bridge is covered by hundreds of tiles showing participants of the Elfstedentocht. A little further you turn right on the Miedumer Diep. At the end of the canal you come at the Dokkumer Ee. You turn right and after 2 km. you return to Wyns.

For an extra tour to Leeuwarden you turn left at the end of the Miedumer Diep. The city is 4 km. from here. At the Noorderstadsgracht you turn left, and then right again to pass through te center. There is a junction under a long bridge, and you go straight on. At the next bridge there are two entrances. You take the left one as the right one is a one-way canal. When you come at the big canal (Nieuwe Kanaal) you turn right, and a little further you turn right again. You pass the leaning tower Oldehove and a little further you turn left on the Dokkumer Ee. From here it's 6 km. to Wyns.

For more information about the surroundings of Leeuwarden, have a look at the Leeuwarden page.

GPS Wyns: Lat. 53.2520 Lon. 5.8317
GPS Gytsjerk: Lat. 53.2366 Lon. 5.8969

Wyns. De Winze and footferry.


Under the bridge of Bartlehiem.

Murk at Oudkerk.

Kanterlandse Brug.

Z.K.H. Willem Alexander van Oranje: 4th from below, 5th from the left (with the white cap).

Miedumer Vaart.


Oldehove in Leeuwarden.

Weather station Leeuwarden.

Webcam in the center of Leeuwarden.

A guide to Leeuwarden

A kayakroute through the city center can be downloaded here as a PDF-file (select Waterkaart).