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A round trip along Bartlehiem and Leeuwarden 30 km. One portage in Leeuwarden. From the starting point Wyns to Leeuwarden is 6 km.

Kayak rentals:

Tjalk H-21, Westersingel 70, 8913 CL Leeuwarden.

To the starting point at Wyns:

From Leeuwarden head north in the direction Lekkum. Keep following the narrow road. The next village is Wyns. There is a picknicktable and a restaurant named De Winze at the footferry. This is a good starting point.

To the starting point near Gytsjerk:

From Leeuwarden head east on the N355 in the direction Hurdegaryp. At the trafic lights turn left on the N2361 in the direction Gytsjerk. After 2.1 km turn left on the Rinia van Nautaweg. After 300 meters there is a parking place and a boat ramp on your left. This is a good starting point. Follow the canal and after a bend to the right you come at the northernmost lake, De Rijd.

Round trip of 30 km from Wyns: Head north in the direction Dokkum. You pass Tichelwurk and after 3 km you come at Bartlehiem. There is a camping on your right and a little further you see the famous bridge from the Eleven Cities Ice-skating tour (Elfstedentocht) on your left. Here you turn right on the Oudkerkstervaart in the direction Oudkerk. This is the same route the ice-skaters go to the finish line in Leeuwarden. After 3.4 km you turn right on the Murk. You pass Oudkerk and a small lake. After 3.8 km you come at the Kanterlandsbrug. The bridge is covered by hundreds of tiles showing participants of the Elfstedentocht. Keep going straight on and you go under the highway. On your right you see houses, but you keep going straight on following the main canal. Just before the railroad bridge you turn right on the canal named Kurkemeer. The canal makes a bend to the right and then to the left. After the bends you carry the kayak across a small grass field which is on your left just before the second bridge after the bends. There is a small shipyard. Here you turn left on the Nieuwe Kanaal and follow the bend to the right. On your right you pass harbours, but you keep going straight on. You pass a grey building on your right with a high fence with many prickles. Then you turn right on the Potmarge. Keep following the main canal. At a bridge you pass Eatcorner Potmarge. After you pass a park you come a an intersection. The city center is straight ahead. You go straight on and pass a cellar (like in Utrecht) on your left. A little furhter on there is a kayak pier on your right. From here you can take a walk. Then turn back and under the bridge you turn left to De Tuinen. At the end of this canal you turn right, and then you turn right again. You're in the same canal again. After a bridge you turn back and take the right entrance under the bridge. This is another canal and it makes a bend to the right. You pass the weigh-house and after a bend to the right you come at the Westerstadsgracht. You turn right and follow the bends. You pass the lopsided tower. You keep going straight on and you're on the Dokkumer Ee heading north. From here it is 6 km to Wyns.

Distance Bartlehiem - Dokkum is 12.8 km.
distance Leeuwarden - Eernewoude is 11.7 km.

GPS Wyns: Lat. 53.2520 Lon. 5.8317
GPS Gytsjerk: Lat. 53.2366 Lon. 5.8969

Dokkumer Ee.

The bridge of Bartlehiem.




Grote Wielen near Leeuwarden.

Leeuwarden: portage from the Kurkemeer to the Nieuwe Kanaal.

Leeuwarden Potmarge.


Leeuwarden: The Oldehove was built in 1532.

Weather station Leeuwarden.

Webcam in the center of Leeuwarden.