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  1. A trip starting at the bridge Klaarkampsterbrug on the Dokkumer Ee through the polders to Dokkum (about 18 km). Three portages.

  2. Another trip of 23 km goes around Dokkum. Two portages.

Kayak rentals:

Schreiershoek Recreatie, on the road to Oostrum. On Sunday only after reservation: Tel.: 0519 242183.

Starting point Klaarkampsterbrug:

The starting point of this trip is at the bridge Klaarkampsterbrug on the Dokkumer Ee 4.5 km west of Dokkum. From Leeuwarden go east on the N355 and turn left on the N361 towards Dokkum. When you reach a sign Rinsumageest (to the right), you turn left. At the T-junction you turn left, and right again. You cross the bridge on the Dokkumer Ee, and on your left you find a suitable place to put the kayak into the water.

Raard and Dokkum (18 km)

From the starting point you go west (away from Dokkum). After a short distance you turn right under a bridge. You take the first side-canal to the right after about 2.5 km. At the next T-junction you turn right again. The canal becomes narrower and it ends at a road. Here you carry the kayak to the other side. There are no kayak piers, but it is not too difficult. After a short distance you see the village Raard straight ahead (see photo below). The canal makes a few bends and passes the village on the south side. After a short distance you come at the Dokkumer Ee. Turn left on the Dokkumer Ee, and turn left again at the next side-canal. You come at a dam, but there are kayak piers on both sides. After a few bends you turn right. Go straight on until the next T-junction. My map indicates it should be possible to turn left here. But at the farmhouse a gate is made across the water (to keep the ducks in or kayaks out???) and you can not pass it. So at the T-junction you turn right. When entering Dokkum you turn left through the culvert, and then turn right again. You come at a pair of very nice looking old locks. There are kayak piers on both sides. After the locks you can turn either left or right to get to the center of Dokkum. Just outside Dokkum you can buy smoked eel on the south side of the canal. In the evening they put up a big net across the canal to catch them. A red light indicates you can not pass. So if the red light is on you have to take the kayak out and carry around it.

Round trip of 23 km.

Starting point is also at the Klaarkampsterbrug. Go east and take the second canal to the left under a bridge. After a short distance you come at a weir and you have to carry the kayak around. Then continue to the north. At the next junction turn right and after a short distance turn left. At the next junction turn right. Then you go east and take the third canal to the right. There is a red sign saying VERBODEN VOOR KANOVAARDERS meaning NO ENTRANCE FOR KAYAKS. Just ignore this and enter the canal. I was told his sign was put up after an accident occured with a kayaker at a weir further on. At the weir there are kayak piers, so take the kayak out and carry around the weir and the bridge. There is a wooden fence. The gate can not be openend because someone has driven a big rusty nail in it. But it is easy to climb over it. Continue to the south. At the next junction the easy way back to Dokkum is turn right here. But if you don't mind carrying the kayak across a field for about 150 meters you go straight on. This is a beautiful small canal with many bends. At the end there is a kayak pier on the left. You have to walk through the meadow, and climb over an iron gate (not difficult) to reach the big canal Dokkumer Grootdiep. There are remains of a kayak pier on this side. Be careful as some rusty nails stick out. On the Dokkumer Grootdiep you turn right and pass an old factory with a big chimney. Keep going straight on towards Dokkum. After Dokkum keep going west on the Dokkumer Ee until you return at the starting point at the Klaarkampsterbrug.

GPS Klaarkampsterbrug: Lat. 53.3157 Lon. 5.9470

The village Raard is built on a terp.



Old stone factory along the Dokkumer Grootdiep.

Ready for a crane museum...

I tried if it would be possible to take a canal to the south of Dokkum. At the beginning of the canal a sign indicates a maximum height of 60 cm. I figured that would be no problem. But this only counts for the first bridge. The canal makes a bend to the right, and then it ends at a busy road. I carried the kayak tot the other side and continued. According to the map it should be possible to get back on the Dokkumer Ee. But after a short distance the canal ended and there's no way of getting any furhter. So I had to return to Dokkum and take the Dokkumer Ee to return to the starting point.