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The Hague

In The Hague you can make several trips without any portage. A round trip on the estate Clingendael is 3 km. You paddle slowly, becasuse there are many branches and dead leaves in the water. No efford at all is done to make kayaking easy here. Several canals are not accessible at all. But as said, you can make a round trip on the Tankval and the canal with no name along the Van Alkemadelaan.

A trip around the city center of The Hague is 12 km.

From the Malieveld on the Koninginnegracht to the end of Het Kanaal is 3.2 km, so both ways 6.4 km. On the route passing Oostduin there are branches in the water that slow you down.
It is possible to navigate on the Afvoerkanaal passed the locks (they are open) till the pumping station near the harbour of Scheveningen.

And no, you can't navigate on the Hofvijver.

Kayak rentals: 'Kanoverhuur Den Haag' along the Dunne Bierkade, tel.: 070-4276889.

Starting point at the Van Alkemadelaan:

The canal along the Van Alkemadelaan has low sides and parking is free. Best spot is opposite the intersection with the Van Montfoortlaan. From here you can enter the estate Clingendael.

Follow the highway A12 from the Prins Clausplein towards the city center. At T-junction at the end of the highway you turn right. Then at the next traffic lights you turn left in the direction of the Bronovo hospital and Scheveningen. After the next traffic lights you see the canal on your right.


Opposite the Van Montfoortlaan you enter the estate Clingendael. You turn right and then left.
Take the second canal to the right and go through the tunnel under the house. Follow the bend to the left, and on your right you see the Japanese Garden. At the end of the canal you turn right, and then left twice.
At the next T-junction you turn right on the Tankval. At the end of the canal you go under a bridge, and then turn right. If you keep going straight on you go towards the city center. For a return to the starting point, take the first side canal to the right.

Around the city center:

From Clingendael you pass the Malieveld. There are low sides so you can stop for a break here.
The next intersection is under a bridge and it is rather dark here. You turn left on the Koninginnegracht and you see the high buildings ahead. The canal makes a bend to the right. At the next intersection you keep right and go on the Houtzagerssingel. The kayak rental place is situated here. Follow the bends. At the T-junction you can turn left on the Verversingskanaal, but for the round trip you turn right here. You pass the Hooigracht. At the next intersection you turn left and you round trip is completed under the dark bridge.

GPS: Lat. 52.0990 Lon. 4.3232

Downloadable GPS-track of Clingendael: Clingendael.

Park Clingendael at the Van Alkemadelaan.

The house Clingendael on the estate. You can paddle through the building towards the Japanese garden.

On the estate is a Japanese garden. It is rather small, but worth visiting. It is open to public only 6 weeks a year in the spring. Access only on the path. Mooring and walking on the moss is strictly forbidden!

On the estate Clingendael.

There are no canals in the city center. This is as close as you can get.



Canal behind the Nieuwe Parklaan.

Canal behind the Nieuwe Parklaan.

Van Stolkpark.

Het Kanaal near Madurodam.


Koninginnegracht near the center of The Hangue.

Locks in the Verversingskanaal near Scheveningen.

Map in PDF

A map of waterways in and around The Hague can be found at the site

Historical maps

On you can find historical maps of the city.


The house and estate Clingendael were built in the early 17th century. In 1839 the adjacent estate Oosterbeek was added. During World War II the reichscommissar Seyss-Inquart had his headquarters here. He made de wide canal on the end of the estate to protect it from invading tanks. In 2016 the embassy of the United States will move to a new building on the estate. The location is at the former dog racing course.