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Route of 29 km. starting from St. Jansklooster.

You can make a shorter route, or start in Zwartsluis.

Starting point near St. Jansklooster:

Starting point is near the visitors center of Natuurmunumenten. Leave the N762 opposite St.Jansklooster to the north. About 1 km passed the visitors center you turn right on the Oude Beulakerweg. At the end of the narrow road you reach the water.

Starting point Zwartsluis:

Leave highway A28 between Zwolle and Meppel at the exit 22 Hasselt. Follow the N377 and in Hasselt you turn right on the N331. After the center of Zwartsluis you turn right on the roundabout into the Westeinde and then turn left into the Stroombeek. You keep following the main road. Outside the town you keep going straight on and follow the bends until you see the canal on your right. This is a mooring place of more than 1 km length. The sides are very low, so here you can start your trip.

The road through Belt-Schultsloot is closed for cars, so if you come from the north you'll have to make a detour.

From the starting point near St. Jansklooster you can make a trip of 29 km.

You have to paddle across the Beulakerwijde for 3 km, so it is advisable to make this trip on a quiet day or be prepared for waves. From the starting point you go to the right, and you come at the Beulakerwijde. Straight ahead you see the churchtower of St.Jansklooster. On the lake this is a handy landmark. You set course towards the land-point. You pass the fish-traps and continue and follow the shore or make a shortcut straight east from here. The buoys mark a channel from north to south. At the south side there is a bridge (Ronduite). You follow the canal under the bridge and turn right again. After the first turn you'll see the churchtower of St.Jansklooster straight ahead. After the landpoint you follow the left shore. In the far end on the south side you enter the canal marked 2B. When the canal splits you turn right. There are many bends here. Finally you come at a small lake named Vossebelt. Go straight across and enter the canal. After a sharp bend to the right and another one to the left you come at the triangular lake named Dirkswijde. Keep the left side and enter the canal. After a bridge you come at a bigger canal. You go across and enter the lake Kleine Belterwijde. Just after the harbour you turn right before the campsite. Follow the canal through the village named Belt Schutsloot. After 2 km the canal comes to the south side of the Belterwijde. You turn right. After you passed a bridge you come at a big canal. Turn right and left again. This is a straight canal. After almost 2 km you turn left into the Kerkgracht. Keep going straight on until you come at a bridge. Turn left just after the bridge.After a short distance you turn right again. There is a sign on the side directing towards Giethoorn. This canal is named Molengracht. After 1 km you turn right. Here a sign directs towards Bovenwijde. Follow the canal (right bend, left bend, then straight on) until you come at the Bovenwijde. Here you turn left and enter the canal into Giethoorn. There's one way traffic here (only from south to north). On a quiet day it is very beautiful to paddle all the way through the village, but mind the unexperienced tourists with the rented boats. On a busy day it is dangerous to go here by kayak! After you entered Giethoorn you come at the main canal (Dorpsgracht). You turn right to the north. At the church (not a big one, but you'll see it when you come to it) you turn left. This is a long straight canal. When you come at a big canal, you pass it and continue straight on. Follow the canal (Cornelisgracht). Turn left when you come at the village Dwarsgracht. At the end of the canal (1.5 km) you come at the Beulakerwijde. From here you set course towards the churchtower of St. Jansklooster. There are two islands on your right hand. After you passed the first one you turn to the right and go between the islands. Then turn left so that you have the second island on you left hand. The starting point where you want to go is in the farthest corner. To get there you set course a little to the right away from the island. The lake is very shallow here. The waterplants grow out of the water at some places. In the farthest corner you'll recognize the canal where you started the trip.

GPS St. Jansklooster: Lat. 52.6913 Lon. 6.0010
GPS Zwartsluis: Lat. 52.6552 Lon. 6.0574

Belt-Schutsloot in the fog.

Dense fog on the Beulakerwijde (November 8, 2009).

Between Dwarsgracht and Giethoorn.




Near Belt-Schutsloot.

Near Belt-Schutsloot.



The Wieden is a preserved area of 350 square miles in the northwestern part of the province Overijssel. It is situated just south of the Weerribben. There are woods, reedlands, pastures and lots of water. The area is very suitabele for exploration by kayak. It is administered by Natuurmonumenten. Natuumonumenten has a visitors center near St.Jansklooster. There is a good map available of the area scaled 1:25,000.