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De Veenhoop

Round trip of 27 km. passing Oldeboorn and Nes. One portage.

Kayak rentals:

Camping and marina De Veenhoop, Eijzengapaed 5, 9215 VV De Veenhoop. Tel.: 06-46096610.

After a closure of 56 years the Polderhoofdvaart between Veenhoop and the locks at Sudergemaal was re-opened for recreational vessels on July 1, 2015. So it was time for an exploration and to see if a round trip to Oldeboorn and Akkrum was an option. And indeed this is a nice trip. The locks at De Veenhoop and Sudergemaal are being operated for free after a push on a button. The green signal for entering the locks turns into red after a rather short time, so if there are more vessels, you need to be quick. At De Veenhoop there are no kayak piers and portage is only possible if you take the kayak out of some distance from the locks. This is about 400 meters. That's why I opted to make this the starting point of the route. When you return, you can get the car to upload the kayak. On the other side of the canal Polderhoofdvaart there are low sides at the locks, so portage is no problem there. I found it a bit disappointing that after so much efford is done to make new locks and bridges, there are no kayak piers along the canal.

Starting point at the bridge in De Veenhoop

Exit the A32 between Heerenveen and Leeuwarden at Akkrum (N392). Turn right on the N392. You pass Oldeboorn and after 4.5 km. you turn left towards De Veenhoop. The starting point is at the parking place on your left just before the bridge. Across the street you find restaurant It Polderhus.

From the starting point you go under the bridge on the Polderhoofdvaart. After 4.4 km. the canal makes a bend to the right at Nij Beets. You pass the village and after 2.6 km. you come at the locks near the pumping station Sudergemaal. Portage is possible as on both sides there are low sides. You can pass through the remotely operated lockes after you push a button. This may take a while, and after the light turns green for you to enter the locks you have ot be quick as it turns into red quickly. After the locks you turn right and then you keep going straight on. The canal through Oldeboorn is rather narrow and upcoming boats tend to keep left as the button for operating the bridge is on the wrong side of the canal. When you come at Nes (near Akkrum) you turn right under a bridge and you pass the water tower. You go straight on and pass a small lake Bokkumer Mar. When you come at a big lake "Wijde Ee" you turn right and follow the south shore. After 1 km. you turn right into the canal Janssloot. You keep going straight on and pass the long lake Modderige Bol. You pass camping De Kobbe and a footferry. You go straight on when you come at a wider canal named Kromme Ee. After 1.8 km. you pass the marina and turn right at De Veenhoop. If you choose not to pass through the locks the best place to get the kayak out is at the junction. You can bring your car here if you want. It is a 400 meter walk to the starting point.

GPS: Lat. 53.0969 Lon. 5.9514

Downloadable GPX-track: De Veenhoop.

Starting point at the bridge in De Veenhoop.

Nij Beets.

In 2015 the new locks between the Polderhoofdvaart and Nieuw Diep were opened. You can pass through the locks for free. Portage is also possible here.


Wijde Ee.

Entrance to the Janssloot.

Kromme Ee.

It Damshûs

It Damshûs is a small open air museum in Nij Beets. Open from May 1 till October 1 from Teusday till Sunday 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm.