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This is a round trip of 21.5 km starting in Dedgum. You pass Bolsward and the 3 lakes named Blauwhuisterpollen. There are four portages on this route.
This route is also named Aldegeaster kanoroute and Iemswalderhem rondtocht.

Kayak rentals

in Wolsumerketting: Kootje bij de Brug, Wolsumerketting 5, 8774 PK Wolsum, tel.: 0515-569908 or 06-22273586.

Camping along the Oudegaasterbrekken

De Bearshoeke. Tsjerkewei 2a, 8614 JD Oudega. There is a boatramp at the entrance. This also is a good launching point for kayaks. No kayak rentals at the camping.

Starting point Dedgum:

Leave motorway A7 at exit 17 in the direction Workum. Head south on the N359 and turn left towards Tjerkwerd. After the bridge you turn right. The road make a bend to the left, and a little further you turn right towards Dedgum. The starting place is just before the bridge. There is a small parking place.

From the starting point you go to the right (north-west). After a short distance you go under a wooden bridge and at the T-junction you turn right on the Workumertrekvaart. You go straight on and pass the village Tjerkwerd. When you come at Bolsward you can turn left under the motorway for a visit of Bolsward. Then you come back at this point and continue on the canal. The canal is wider here and this part is not so very interesting. You pass the teahouse and kayak rental place Wolsumerketting. Then at the third junction you turn right. After a short distance you have to portage. There are no kayak piers here. After you passed the church of Westhem you come at the first houses of the village. You have to portage at a low bridge. The canal becomes very muddy and shallow. Also the reed slows you down. After you passed a big farmhouse there is one more portage before you come at the lakes. The Blauwhuisterpollen exist of three lakes. The first one is named Rietmeer. You cross it to the south and enter the passage to the right to the next lake named Sipkemeer. Follow the northern side of the lake and enter the passage to the third lake named Het Vliet. There is a small island in the middle. You pass it on the left and then turn right in the direction of the churchtower of Blauwhuis (north). There is a canal to the left that bends to the north. At an Y-junction you turn left on the main canal. There are many bends and you pass the village Greonterp. At a T-junction you turn right. A little further you come at a low bridge. You have to portage here, but there are kayak piers. In the distance you seen Dedgum.


Downloadable GPS-track (22.4 km) including a trip in Bolsward: Blauwhuisterpollen
(unpack and open with Garmin Basecamp or other program).

Update June 2018: At Westhem there's so much reed growing in the already shallow canal that passage is not possible. I can advise to do one portage of 600 meters in stead of two short ones and save a lot of trouble passing through the reed.

"Kootje bij de brug".



Farmhouse near the lake Rietmeer.

Railroad bridge near the Oudegaasterbrekken.

Near the Sipkemeer.

Het Vliet.

Portage near Dedgum.

Starting point Dedgum.

Bridge at the Workumertrekvaart.


This is the name of the lakes Rietmeer, Sipkemeer and Het Vliet. It's nice to kayak across the lakes, but there's not much more to see than reed belts. The passage to the Oudegaasterbrekken is nice. You go under the bridge of the railroad to Stavoren. You can go to the side here. Ignore the sign "aanmeren verboden" (= no mooring). Cyclists and hikers can come here too.
The lake Oudegaasterbrekken is large and on windy days (especially from the west) there can be a swell.