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Vinkeveense Plassen

  1. Round trip 19.5 km: on the Angstel, de Winkel, across the Vinkeveense Plassen towards Vinkeveen.
  2. Angstel route 24.3 km.: a marked round trip passing Baambrugge, Loenersloot, the east side of the Vinkeveense Plassen, and Abcoude.

Starting point along the Angstel between Baambrugge and Abcoude.

Exit the A2 (Amsterdam - Utrecht) in the direction Hilversum. Then turn left towards Loenersloot. You pass the villages Loenersloot and Baambrugge. The starting point is at a pumping station on your left near a windmill. There is a sign on the gate "Molen 2". There is parking space for a few cars along the road.

1. Round trip of 19.5 km.

You start going north passed the windmill. After a short distance you take the second side-canal to the left onto the Winkel. After the renewal of highway A2 in 2010 the Winkel has become much easier to navigate. There is a small camping named 't Riviertje where you can camp along the former river Winkel. At the first bridge you have to carry the kayak to the other side. There are good kayak piers. After a short distance you go under the new bridges of highway A2. You come at a junction where the river splits, but after a short distance the branches join again. After a white bridge you see a wooden door in the hedge on your left. There is a small kayak-pier. Here you can portage towards the Vinkeveense Plassen. You can also continue and then turn left at the T-junction. You can portage at the locks. You go out on the right side and carry the kayak across the locks as on the other side there is a kayak pier on the left at Restaurant Bon (closed on Monday and Teusday).

After the locks you come at the Vinkeveense Plassen. Straight on you come at the Noorderplas. This lake is very deep and waves can become dangerous when there is a strong wind. Behind the artificial islands that surround the Noorderplas is shallow water. There are long and narrow peat islands. There is a kayak route named Vinkeveense Plassen of the ANWB that follows the edges of the area. It is marked with six-sided signs. It is more fun however to go on the lake between the islands. Paddle south-west in the direction of the church tower of Vinkeveen. At a point you see a passage to the left through a number of islands. On the first one is a grass field and a kayak-pier where you can stop. From here you can follow the six-sided ANWB signs towards Vinkeveen. After you passed under the bridge of the main road (N201) you turn left at the sign. You paddle to the east. You see an island ahead with grass where you can rest. Then pess the island on the right and a little further you turn right towards the canal on the edge of the area. This keeps you as far as possible from the traffic noise. Follow the canal to the east towards the locks. There are good kayak piers. After the lock you continue on the Geuzensloot. After the bridge under the highway the canal meets the Angstel. You go straight on and follow the bend to the left. After you passed Loenersloot and Baambrugge you return at the starting point. In Baambrugge restaurant De Punt has a terrace directly along the Angstel.

GPS starting point bij Baambrugge: Lat. 52.2591 Lon. 4.9876

River Winkel at the first low bridge. There are kayak piers.

River Winkel with the church of Abcoude in the back-ground.

Vinkeveense Plassen.

Vinkeveense Plassen.

The Angstel.

Castle Loenersloot.


2. Angstel route 24.4 km.

From the starting point you head south. After 5 km. you pass Loenersloot. After the bridge follow the bend to the right and ge straight on under highway A2. After the locks you turn right to the lake. When the wind is from the north or from the west there may be big waves after the bridge. Turn right and follow the south side of the lake. In the corner you find the entrance of a canal that leads to the north. Almost at the end of the canal you turn left at the sign. You come at the lake and you keep right following the village Baambrugse Zuwe. Turn right under the bridge. Don't go on the big lake named Noordplas, but follow the sign to the right. You pass the islands that separate the waterway from the canal. When you reach the north side of the Vinkeveense Plassen you have an option to go straight on following the main canal to the locks, or turn right into the marina. I advise to turn right here, as portage at the locks is difficult. Take the first canal to the left. Almost at the end there is a sign that indicates where to turn right. This is a dead end in the marina. At the end you come at a dike. There are kayak piers on both sides. You go through the wooden door and cross the road. You turn left on the Winkel and at the T-juction you turn right (you see the locks on your left). Follow the Winkel until Stokkelaarsbrug. That's where you turn right on the Waver. After some distance you go under a bridge and on the wide canal you turn right. On the left corner you see Restaurant Voetangel. You pass a foot-ferry and after some distance you go under highway A2 to the lake Abcouder Meer. Keep right towards Abcoude. After a bridge there is a narrow canal to the left, but you turn right on the main canal. After a few bends you pass camping 't Riviertje and you see the windmill at the starting point.

Vinkeveense Plassen with the churchtower of Vinkeveen.

Behind the islands of the Noordplas.