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  1. Marne route. Round trip of 21 km.
  2. Bolsward - Makkum. Round trip of 21 km.
  3. Round trip of 21 km on the Blauwhuisterpollen. Starting point in Greonterp near Blauwhuis.

Kayak rentals in Wolsum near Bolsward: Kootje bij de Brug, Wolsumerketting 5, 8774 PK Wolsum, tel.: 0515-569908 or 06-22273586.

Camping along the canal at the swimming pool Vitaloo.

Starting point at the Kruiswater in the center of Bolsward near the bridge of the A7:

Leave the A7 at exit 17 Bolsward. Follow the Harlingerstraat towards the center. Across the bridge you trun right on the Stoombootkade. Further it is named Turfkade. You turn right across the bridge and then turn right again on the Gasthuissingel. The starting point is just after the bend to the left. This road is named Gleibakkerij. There is a boat ramp, a kayak pier and toilets (only open in the summer).

Marneroute 21 km.

From here you go to the right passed the camping/swimming pool. Turn left and right again. At the next intersection you turn right to make the 21 km trip. This is a marked route named 'MARNE ROUTE' . It is worthwile to make a 1 km detour through the canals of the town. Turn left and you pass through the canal where I made the photo you see on top of the page. Keep turning right and you'll return at he intersection where you start the Marneroute. From here you go north. At the edge of town there is another intersection where you turn right. This is the Kloostervaart. There are many side canals leading towards farmhouses, but you keep on the widest canal. The first village you pass is Hidaard. At the T-junction you turn right. The next village is Oosterend. Just follow the signs. There are several bends and intersections, and at a certain moment you feel you go away from Oosterend in stead of getting closer... Oosterend is very pretty and it's a good idea to take a pause at the church (there is a pier). Behind the church you can make a small circle throught the very narrow canals. Then continue north until you reach a wider canal at a T-junction. Here you turn left. This is the Bolswarder Trekvaart. It will lead you all the way back to Bolsward. On the way you pass Wommels. At the bridge you find museum It Tsiispakhús situated in a former cheese-warehouse. It has an exposition about dairy pruduce. After Wommels you pass the village Burgwerd before you return to Bolsward.

GPS Kruiswater: Lat. 53.0588 Lon. 5.5199




Makkum 21 km.

This is a round trip of 21 km to Makkum along the IJsselmeer. Starting point at the Kruiswater near the bridge of highway A7. Alternative starting point is at Longerhouw. The trip is then 13.5 km (along the Makkumervaart both ways).

From the starting point Kruiswater you turn left before the center of town. Then keep right and then turn left twice. You're on the Makkumervaart now. It goes under the highway. This is a low bridge, so there will be no yachts from this point. After some distance you can turn right to Longerhouw, a pretty village (pop. 60). You can also take this as an alternative starting point. Continue west on the Makkumervaart. After a short distance there is a side canal to Exmorra. This is just a dead end at a farmhouse. Follow the main canal and when you see a wooden bridge you come at the Van Panhuyskanaal. This is a bigger canal, and from time to time some boats pass by. Turn right and go straight on until you come to the center of Makkum. This a nice small town with a lot of terraces to take a break.

From the locks you go south under the liftbridge. Keep following the main canal until you return to the Van Panhuyskanaal. Turn right and follow the long straight canal to the end. Turn left on the T-junction. You pass the village Tjerkwerd and after some distance you turn left into the Kruiswater. Now you're back at the startting point.

GPS Kruiswater: Lat. 53.0588 Lon. 5.5199
GPS Longerhouw: lat. 53.0691 Lon. 5.4782



This is a round trip of 21 km starting in Greonterp near Blauwhuis. You pass Bolsward and the 3 lakes named Blauwhuisterpollen. There are four portages on this route, but none of them is difficult.

Starting point Greonterp:

Leave motorway A7 at exit 19 Nijland and follow the signs in the direction Wolsum and Blauwhuis. In Blauwhuis there is s sign directing towards Greonterp. Just before the village you come a a bridge. This is the starting point.
Alternative starting point is at the campsite De Bearshoeke in Oudega. You can camp directly along the lake Oudegaasterbrekken, but to follow this route you'll have to cross the lake first.

From Greonterp you go to the west. After a short distance you come at the first portage. Continue to the west, and when you come at a T-junction you turn right. After you passed the village Dedgum you come at another T-junction. Turn right on the Workumertrekvaart in the direction of Bolsward. Go straight on passing the Van Panhuijsbrug and the village Tjerkwerd. When you come at Bolsward you can turn left under the motorway for a visit of Bolsward. Then you come back at this point and continue on the canal. The canal is wider here and this part is not so very interesting. You pass Wolsumerketting. Then at the second junction you turn right. This is a narrow canal and you'll have to carry the kayak across a dam a couple of times. After you passed the farmhouse on the photo below there is one more portage before you come at the lakes. The Blauwhuistervennen exist of three lakes. The first one is named Rietmeer. You cross it to the south and enter the passage to the right to the next lake named Sipkemeer. Follow the northern side of the lake and enter the passage to the third lake named Het Vliet. There is a small island in the middle. You pass it on the left and then turn right in the direction of the churchtower of Blauwhuis (north). There is a canal to the left that bends to the north. From here is is only a short distance to the starting point.


GPS Greonterp: Lat. 53.0160 Lon. 5.5198


Farmhouse near the lake Rietmeer.

Het Vliet.

After the bridge you turn right on the Workumer Trekvaart towards Bolsward.