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Round trip of 23,5 km. on the Noordhollands Kanaal and Groote Sloot.

Two portages at the ponton bridges.

No kayak rentals.

Starting point at the war monument at Zijpersluis

A good starting point is the war monument at Zijpersluis. Take the N9 from Alkmaar towards Den Helder. A few kilometers north of Schoorldam you take the first exit to the left and continue north on the access road. Across the bridge you turn left. There is parking space and a picnic table at the war monument.

From here you go under the bridge and cross the Noordhollands Kanaal and you pass the Jacob Claesse Sluis to enter the Groote Sloot. There are no doors in the lcoks, so you can navigate through tehm. Then comes the long stretch towards Schagerbrug. This is a quiet canal with a charm of its own. Just after Schagerbrug you turn left. When you reach the Noordhollands Kanaal at De Stolpen, turn left again. Keep to the sides when ships pass by and be prepared to meet some waves. You can pass the ponton-bridges with another ship if you're lucky. Be quick as the bridges are remotely controlled and they don't stay open for canoes. If no ships are coming you don't need to wait. First be sure the bridge is not going to open. Then go under it at the sides. There is a big double log floating in the water on the south side of the bridge. You can stand on it and pull the canoe across. Be careful, it is slippery when wet. After Burgervlotbrug you see a number of new windmills on you left and then you reach Zijpersluis. You can make an extra trip on the Hondsbossche Vaart along the Schoorlse Zeedijk (see map below) towards the present sea dike near Petten. Total distance 23.5 km.

From Schagerbrug you can make another trip heading north-east on the Groote Sloot. When you reach the northernmost point follow the bend to the left and you'll come to the village Oudesluis. You see the locks on your right and go under the railroadbridge. Then follow the canal to the left and you come at a long straight canal that leads towards De Stolpen. At De Stolpen turn left on the canal Stolpen-Schagen until you return to Schagerbrug. Total distance of this trip is 12.6 km.

At Oudesluis it is possible to carry the canoe across the dike and leave the polder Zijpe. For this purpose there are kayak-piers at both sides of the locks. At the other side there is a beautiful canal with bends like a river. Then the canal becomes wider and wider. This is the Hooge Oude Veer. Pass the bridge at Anna Paulowna and continue north on the Van Ewycksvaart until you reach the yacht-harbor. Distance from Oudesluis towards Van Ewycksluis and back is 17.2 km.

GPS Zijpersluis: Lat. 52.7329 Lon. 4.6886.

War monument at the starting place Zijpersluis.

Former locks at Zijpersluis.

Noordhollands Kanaal.

Groote Sloot.

Monument 400 years Polder Zijpe. It is a woodenframe of a traditional farmhouse.

View from the monument.

Burgervlotbrug. Portage across the double wooden beam (old bridge before 2018).

The new ponton bridge at Burgervlotbrug.

Noordhollands Kanaal.

The Polder Zijpe exists more than 400 jaar. Before it was made it was an area of peat between the dusen and the dike of West-Friesland. De land was flooded often, so more and more it became a bay rather than land. In the year 1597 the inventor and painter Jan van Scorel took the initiative to build a dike. A hundred years later, in 1697 the dike was finished and the polder Zijpe (then named Zipe) became a fact. Below is a map of the situation in the year 1288.