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  1. Round trip on the Oudvaart passed Terzool 24.3 km.
  2. Round trip on the Franekervaart passed Rien 23 km.

Kayak rentals: Het Toppunt, Top 3, 8606 JT Sneek.
Tel.: 0515-420808 / 06-25515862

Starting point Scharnegoutum:

Take the beltway north around Sneek. At the roundabout (N354 Scharnegoutum) exit north. At Scharnegoutum you turn left at the roundabout, and then turn right. Follow the bend to the left and at the end of the road you can launch your kayak.

GPS Starting point on the dead-end road Zwettewei near the bridge in Scharnegoutum: Lat. 53.0589 Lon. 5.6804

Round trip on the Oudvaart passed Terzool 24.3 km.

From the starting point you head north on the Sneeker trekvaart. After 7 km. you turn right on the Zijltjessloot. After a short distance you come at locks. You can operate them by yourself (manually), or carry the kayak passed the locks. After the locks you turn right at the T-junction. Follow the main canal and turn right at the next X-junction. Take the first side-canal to the left and you pass Terzool. The canal is narrow and there are a few bends and bridges. At the T-junction you turn left on the Oudvaart. You keep going straight on. The side-canals to Spears, Gauw and Goënga are markes by signs. After Goënga you come at a bridge with kayak piers where you can take a rest. Just before Sneek you come at locks. These can also be opersted (manually) by yourself. Portage is also possible. After the locks you can turn right to make a shortcut. But the canal along the main road is not interesting. It's much nicer to go straight on and navigate around the city center. First you pass new houses, then boatyards. At the Y-junction you turn right. In the center you go straight on. You pass the famous Watergate. Then you turn left at the second side-canal and go under the iron liftbridge "De laatste stuiver" (the last nickel). You follow the main canal and after 3 km. you return at the starting point.

Downloadable GPS-track (24.3 km): Scharnegoutum.

Sneeker Trekvaart.

Mill Herkules along the Sneeker Trekvaart.

Locks in the Zijltjessloot. You can operate the locks by yourself, or portage passed the locks.

Along the Oudvaart.


The locks in the Oudvaart to the center of Sneek are open.

Watergate of Sneek.

Round trip on the Franekervaart passed Rien 23.3 km.

Downloadable GPS-track (23.3 km): Scharnegoutum2.

From Scharnegoutum you head south towards Sneek. In Sneek you turn left after the Laatste Stuiverbrug. After a bend to the right you pass the narrow side-canal to the right and the you turn right. After a sharp bend to the right you go under a bridge and you pass the Watergate. Under the Watergate there is a dead-end canal with a kayak-pier. You go straight on passed the Water-gate and follow the canal. Then you turn left under the Badhuisbrug. You keep following the main canal Franekervaart. Outside the city there is a mooring-place at the bridge. A little further you pass Tirns. In Reahus there is a camping along the canal: "De Finne". After a bridge there is a kayak-pier on the left. There are picnic tables and you can swim here. This is also a good alternative starting point. Further on you pass Rien. When the canal bend to the left towards Franeker you turn right under the bridge on the Bozumervaart. There are many bends. Just before Bozum (Boazum) there is a mooring place on the right with a footbridge. After a railroad bridge you pass Bozum. You can make a small detour in the village, but there's nothing interesting to see. Keep following the canal. At the T-junction you turn right on the Sneeker Trekvaart. After a bend to the left you enter Scharnegoutum and you return to the starting place.

Starting point Scharnegoutum.


Sneek, Waterpoortsgracht.