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Round trip of 14.5 km:

The lakes Alkmaardermeer and Uitgeestermeerare large and it is advisable not to kayak here with too much wind and without buoyancy.


De Aker, Lagendijk 35, 1911 MT Uitgeest. Tel.: 06-30248397.


Camping Swaenebloem, Lagendijk 45, 1911 MT Uitgeest, Tel. 0251-312304.

To the starting point:

Exit the A9 (Amstelveen - Alkmaar) at Uitgeest (N203) in the direction Amsterdam. After the traffic-lights you turn left in the direction Jachthavens Zwaansmeer. Just before the T-junction at the marina, the starting point is on your right.There is a good kayak pier at the parking place.

From the starting point you turn right towards Uitgeest. You go under the highway and a little further you see the pumping station and locks Meldijk. It is possible to portage passed the locks as there are good kayak piers on both sides. But for this trip you turn left on the wide canal. Then turn left again. You go under the highway. Keep going straight on and cross the small lakes Weijenbus and Vroonmeer. At the end of the Overtoomsloot there is a portage. At the next junction you turn left and you cross the lake Noorderham. On the other side you see the entrance of the canal on your left. You see the fortress Krommeniedijk on your left. The next lake Crommenije is closed from March 1 till June 15 because of the breeding season. Follow the right side. The first canal is very narrow and goed behind the houses of Krommeniedijk. Take the wider second canal to the right. At the end you turn left and follow the bend to the right. At the end you turn left and right again. You head for the windmill and locks Woudaap. There are good kayak piers to portage to the Nauernasche Vaart. You now come on wide water where it may be busy witch yachts and cargo ships. Head east, and then turn left on the Markervaart. Take the next canal to the left. The water becomes wider and you come at the Uitgeestermeer. Keep to the left and follow the south side. At the end of the bay there is a kayak pier and rolls for portaging small rowing boats. You go across the dike and continue south on the small lake. Take the first canal to your right. Here you have to portage again. There are good kayak piers. You pass Camping Swaenebloem, and then turn left on the Zwaansmeertje. Continue on the canal and follow the bend to the right. You go straight on to the starting point.

In stead of portaging at the rolls, you can head west and cross the bay. Then you go around the peninsula and then turn left towards Uitgeest. You pass the industrial heritage park De Hoop, the marina and then you enter the canal under the highway. Turn left and portage at the pumping station Meldijk. Then turn left again towards the starting point.

GPS starting point at the Lagendijk opposite the marina: Lat. 52.5265, Lon. 4.7229

Clubhouse kaykak club Uitgeest (KVU).


Pumping station Meldijk near Uitgeest.

Polder De Woude.

Wildmill De Woudaap.

Map of the area with the marked routes in PDF-format.