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Round trip of 14.5 km

Two portages, one low bridge where you may prefer tot portage, and a passage through Locks Peelo (or also portage).

Kayak rentals:

To the startingpoint Havenkade

Exit highway A28 at exit 34 towards the center of Assen. You pass the bridge across the Noord-Willemsvaart. When you come at traffic-lights you turn left, and a little further at the next traffic lights you turn right (direction Centrum). After the bridge across the Havenkanaal you turn left at the traffic-lights on the Doctor A.F. Philipsweg. Follow the bend to the right, and then turn left on the Havenkade. The starting-point is at the locks. There's free parking.

Round trip of 14.5 km.

From the starting poin you go to the left on Het Kanaal. After 1.6 km. you come at locks (Sluis 1). You have to portage here. There are kayak-piers. A little further you com at a T-junction. You turn right on De Vaart. After a short distance you come at a very low bridge. You have to portage and cross the road. There are low sides so it's easy to get in and out. A little further you see on your left the military compound Johan Willem Friso Kazerne, built in 1892. At a T-junction you turn right on the Noord-Willemsvaart. There is a low bridge. I managed to pass under the middle section. There are low sides so if necessary you can portage. The canal runs alongside highway A28. There is some noise, but there are beautiful trees alongside the canal. After a bend to the right you come at locks (Sluis Peelo). During operating hours you can pass through the locks. It is free, and they're happy to let you pass even for a single kayak. It's advisable to call the lock-keeper before you arrive. Passage takes less than 15 minutes, except if you have to wait for boats from the opposite direction. It is possible to carry the kayak around, but the safe route through a bicycle-tunnel is 800 meters. Just after the locks there is a long and low pier on your left.
About 1,5 km. further you pass a small marina (no kayak-pier). A little further you turn sharp right on the Havenkanaal. After 2 km. there is a boat-ramp on your left. This is an alternative starting-point. A little further you pass the rowing club (Asser Roei Club). They have a large pier. If there are rowing activities you can not use it. Then you pass the side-canal Deurzerdiep. I tried to enter the canal, but after the railroad-bridge the canal was blocked by a floating fence to capture floating debris. From here it is 1.9 km back to the starting-point.

Downloadable GPS-track (14.5 km) around Assen.

Locks Peelo. If you can not pass through the locks it is recommended not to cross the busy road.
In stead follow the route through the bike-tunnel.

Het Kanaal.

Sluis 1 (Locks 1) in Het Kanaal.

Sluis 1 (Locks 1) in Het Kanaal.

Bridge and houses along De Vaart.

De Vaart.

Locks Peelo in the Noord-Willemskanaal.

In the Locks Peelo.

Back at the starting point along the Havenkanaal. That's when finally the sun came out...

Locks Peelo

You can pass through the locks for free during opening hours. They even operate for one single kayak. No problem. You best contact the lock keeper in advance to announce your approach. Tel.: 0592-340560.
Portage passed the locks is possible, but you have to cross a busy road or choose to make a detour through a bicycle tunnel. It is advisable to use a canoe trolley.