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Round trip on the Purmer Ringvaart with a visit of Edam 26.5 km.
No portages.

No kayak rentals.

The polder Purmer once was a small inland sea situated between the Zuiderzee and the Beemster. It had an open connection to the Zuiderzee at what's now the Purmer Ee near Monnickendam. The Where made a connection to the Beemster, that also was an inland sea. In the year 1622 the inland sea was made into a polder. The main reason was savety as tidal current and waves made the lake bigger and bigger. Along the Where was the town Purmerend, named after the inland sea. In the 1950ties the town was enlarged to the north on the other side of the Where. The district got the name Overwhere.

This is a nice round trip on the 22 km long canal around the Purmer. Highlight is a visit to the canals of Edam, but a detour of the locks to the Markermeer gives the trip a length of 26.5 km.

To the starting point:

The starting point is along the dike just east of Ilperdam. Exit the N235 between Purmerend and Amsterdam and enter the village Ilpendam. Turn right and also on the next intersection you keep to the right. Follow the narrow streets of Ilperdam in the direction Monnickendam. Just outside the village you find kayak piers on both sides of the dike.

From the starting point you head west and pass behind the houses of Ilpendam. After a bend to the right you see a park on your left. There is a kayak pier. After 6.3 km you come at a wide side canal to the left, De Where. This leads to the center of Purmerend, the Ringvaart of the polder Beemster and the Noordhollands Kanaal. On the corner is rowing club De Where.
You go straight on. You pass the flats and go under the bridge of road N244. Then you see the former railway station of Kwadijk. A little further you pass Hotel De Purmer Eend.
The at the second bend to the right there is a kayak pier on the left. Across the dike you can enter the polder to Middelie. For this trip you stay on the canal. When you come at a side canal to the left you can make a detour on the beautiful canals of Edam. At the shipyard Groot you turn left on the Voorhaven. The canal makes a bend to the right. Follow the canal and straight on you come at the locks to the Markermeer. There are kayak piers on both sides of the locks. The harbour of Volendam is about 3 km to the south.
You head back to Edam and keep left and go under the double liftbridge Oosterkadebrug. At the T-junction you turn left on the Purmer Ringvaart. At the Y-junction you keep right and after 4.9 km. you see the wide Purmer Ee on your left. You keep going straight on. After another 3.7 km. you're back at the starting point. When you see the high voltage lines, you're nearly there.

GPS starting point near Ilpendam: Lat. 52.4573 Lon. 4.9674
Middelie: Lat. 52.5279 Lon. 5.0090

Downloadable GPX-track: Purmer.

View from a plane on the Purmerringvaart.


Approaching Purmerend.

De Where in Purmerend.

Hotel "De Purmer Eend".

Shipyard Groot.

Edam: Voorhaven.

Edam: Voorhaven.

Zeesluis in Edam.

Edam: New kayak pier on the Markermeer side of the Zeesluis.

Edam: Oosterkadebrug.

Edam: Nieuwe Haven.

Edam: Nieuwe Haven.

From the kayak you won't see anything of the polder Purmer. So you have to climb on the dike to have a look.

Fortress near Edam

During the summer months the Fortress near Edam is open for public on the first and second Sunday of the month. During the winter months it is open on Wednesday. You walk across the locks to the nearby fortress.