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Round trip of 14 km. If you start from camping De Kluft in Ossenzijl it will be 16 km in total.

Kayak rentals at Camping "De Kluft", Hoogeweg 26, 8376 EM Ossenzijl (tel: 0561-477370).

Starting point is at the bridge across the Linde just outside Ossenzijl.

How to get there from the A50 (Emmeloord-Joure): Exit at Oosterzee and drive to the east through the village Echten. In Echtenerbrug turn right at the T-junction and follow the main road. After a bridge turn left and pass campsite "De Driesprong". At the next T-junction turn right and pass the villages Munnekeburen and Scherpenzeel. After Scherpenzeel you come to a bridge across the Linde. Here you find a kayak-pier on your left where you can start the round-trip of 13 km.

Route of 14 km.

The first canal is only 150 meters long. the you have to carry across a dike to the water on your right. After a short distance you come at a narrow passage for kayaks only. Then you keep going straight on. At the next jenction you can not go straight on because the passage is blocked by logs in the water. Here you turn left and then right into a narrow ditch. At the end you have to carry across a road. There are good kayak piers and there is a picnic table. Follow the canal and after a short distance you turn right on the river Scheene. At the end of the Scheene you come at locks. They are not in use any more. Here are marked canoe-piers on both sides, and also you find a picnic-table here. After the locks you turn right on the Jonkersvaart. This canal is also called the Helomavaart. Follow the bend to the right. After 3 km you come at a junction. A big blue sign directs canoes to the left as they are not permitted to pass the locks in the main canal. But you can go straight on to visit the restaurant with terrace along the canal. At the T-junction you come to the Linde and here you turn right. Then you come at very special locks. It is named "Driewegsluis" (3 way lock) indicating that 3 canals come together here. In the past all three canals had different water-levels and boats could pass the locks to any of these canals. Now the Linde (where you come from) has the same water-level as the Jonkersvaart to the right. At the locks are marked kayak-piers. You carry across to the canal on your left and continue on the Linde. From here it is about 3 km to finish the round-trip (or the side canal towards Ossenzijl).

GPS Linde near Ossenzijl: N 52.8139 E 5.9079

Near the starting point.

Passage for kayaks only.

Peat bogs.

Towards the river Scheene there are a lot of waterplants, but it's only a short distance.

River Scheene with kayak pier along walking route.

The Scheene.

The Scheene.

Former pub "De Laatste Stuiver" (The Last Nickle) near the locks at the end of the Scheene


The nature reserve "Rottige Meente" is situated near Ossenzijl on the north side of the Linde. A beautiful nature-preserve named "Rottige Meenthe" is situated only 1.5 km north of the well known "Weerribben". The river Scheene that ran through the peat-bogs is recently connected to the Linde so that canoes can make a round trip if you don't mind carrying over a couple of times. What makes this area special is that the nature is far less cultivated than the Weerribben and the nature is very beautiful. There is a colony of storks along the route.


In August performances in the open air are held along the Scheene by Opera Nijetrijne. Access cards usually are sold out soon. During the performace you can not pass by (but you can listen from a distance). Click here for an impression..