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A round trip of 23.8 km. One portage.

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Starting point Garsthuizen

In Loppersum there's no kayak pier. In the small marina there are fixed moorings.
To get to Garsthuizen you take the N46 from Groningen in the direction Eemshaven. You exit at Garsthuizen, turn left on the parallel road, and then turn right towards Garsthuizen. You pass through the village and past the winsmill De Hoop. The starting point is at the next intersection. At 150 meters to the left is another kayak pier where you return from this trip. The short canal in between also has kayak piers, but who takes the trouble to get in and out for just a 100 meters??? There is a picnic table.

Round trip of 23.8 km.

From the starting point you go to the right on the Zeemsloot. The water is very clear and you can see small fish swimming around. In the Zeemsloot there can be clouds of yellow waterplants in some parts. They slow you down a lot, but remember things get better in the next bend... You pass through 8 round culverts. There can be spiderwebs so it's good to wear a cap. At an Y-junction you turn left on the wider Westeremdermaar. After a bridge you turn left and you come at a pumping station. There are also self-service locks, but you have to get out to manually operate them. It's easier and quicker to portage. There are good kayak piers. As they are on the opposite site from the road, there's no access from the road. A little further you pass through Loppersum. There is a high steel quay on the left. Not very pretty, but solid. The small marina has no kayak pier, also in the small side-canal there are no facilities to go to the side. You continue on the Loppersumerwijmers. This is a straight canal along a main road with just one bend. There is a wooden foot-bridge with remains of a kayak pier. It is in bad shape. At the end of the canal you turn left on the Damsterdiep. In Garrelsweer there is cafetaria De Brug with a low pier. You can have a drink and snacks here, but they open in the late afternoon. You follow the Damsterdiep past Wirdummerklap. Just before the high voltage lines you find the kayak pier of Camping Ekenstein on your left. You can also go for a swim here. Next to the camping is the Estate Ekenstein with a hotel and restaurant. A little further you turn left on the Oosterwijtwerdermaar. At the next intersection you turn left on the Eenumermaar. You pass Eenum and the you follow the straight canals passed Zeerijp. At the end of the canal you turn left towards the starting point.

GPS Garsthuizen: N 53.3667 E 6.7282.

Downloadable GPS-track 23.8 km: Loppersum.

Starting point near Garsthuizen.

Field at the starting point Garsthuizen.

In the Zeemsloot there are 8 passages like this. A cap may keep the cobwebs out of your hair.

You have to portage at the pumping station near Loppersum. The canoe piers are not accessible from the road.

Earthquake-proof quay and bridge in Loppersum.


Bridge across the Damsterdiep.

Kayak-pier along the Oude Maar.