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A route of 18.2 km in the Polder Zeevang and passed Purmerend (3 portages).

The described route is a combination plus a round on the Beesterringvaart passed Purmerend.

Starting point in Middelie:

The starting point is at the kayak pier opposite the restaurant Het Wapen van Middelie, Brink 1, Middelie. There is a public parking place next to the restaurant.
To get there take the N247 (Amsterdam-Edam-Oosthuizen). Exit towards Middelie about 3.5km north of Edam. Follow the Klemweg and turn left at the T/junction through Middelie. Take the second street to the right (Zijvend). After 300 meters you see the kayak pier on your right. The parking place is a little further on your left.

At the end of the small canal you turn left at the yellow pole. Then you turn right to the main canal. Take the second canal to the left at the yellow/red pole. Then at the T-junction you turn right at the yellow/red pole. After a short distance you pass the railroad bridge. Keep on the main canal until you approach the village Hobrede. Turn right at the red/blue pole. After a short distance you have to carry the kayak across a road. There are good kayak piers. At the end of the canal you turn left. Ignore the small side-canals and turn left at the blue pole. At the end of the canal there is a kayak pier on your left where you can take the kayak across the dike to the Beemsterringvaart, the canal that goes aound the polder Beemster. You turn left and pass the village Hobrede and the farm Wennekers (kayak rentals). After some distance you come at the town Purmerend. After you pass some flats there are a number of house-boats on the canal. In the center of Purmerend you turn left (under the bridge to the right there is a kayak pier on your left).
In Purmerend there is nothing of any interest to see so you continue on De Where and at the T-junction you turn left on the Purmerringvaart. This is the canal that goes around the polder Purmer (22 km). You pass rowing club De Where (pronounce 'wére') along the Wheredijk. It takes a while before you leave the last flats behind. Then you pass the former railwaystaion Kwadijk. After you passed the pumping-station the canal makes a bend to the right. Here you find a kayak-pier on your left where you can carry the kayak across the dike towards Middelie. The water is very shallow so it takes some efford to come at the next junction. Here you have to make a small detour as the canal behind the houses is blocked. You turn left, and the take the second canal (yellow/red pole) to the right. Then turn right again and after a short distance you return at the starting point.

GPS starting point Middelie: Lat. 52.5313 Lon. 5.0148

Downloadable GPX-track: Middelie.

Polder Zeevang.

View from the dike of the Beemster on the Polder Zeevang.


Houseboats at Purmerend.


Portage back to Middelie.