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Reeuwijkse Plassen

A route of 20 km on the Reeuwijkse Plassen.

No portages. You need to buy a permit for a week (€6,50) on the site:
You can do any distance on the lakes. This route is just an example.

Kayak rentals:

Sup en Watershop Verlengde Breevaart 3, 2811 LR Reeuwijk, tel.: 0182235116.
Entrance passed the reception of Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen.

2. Reeuwijkse Plassen

This is a group of shallow artificial lakes formed by extensive peat mining in the 18th century. The northernmost lake named Broekvelden was made later to win sand. It is at places 32 meters deep and it is not connected to the other lakes. There is a beach, and it is mainly used for windsurfing. The lake 's-Gravenbroek is the nearest to Reeuwijk and on a sunny day there are many boats ont the water. The other lakes are more quiet. The further you go, the more silence you find. There are not many facilities for kayaks. All the land is either privately owned or preserved nature. You can only go to the side in the northeasternmost side of the lake Elfhoeven, at the southwesternmost side of Kalverbroek (Twaalfmorgen) and at some places near a bridge. Most canals along the lakes are not accessible because of low bridges and water-lilies.


You need to buy a permit for access to the Reeuwijkse Plassen.

To the starting point:

Starting point is at the Fokkerstraat in Reeuwijk.
Exit the highway A12 at exit 12 towards Reeuwijk. Head south on the Raadhuisweg along the canal.
When you come at traffic-lights where you can turn left to Sluipwijk, you go straight on. Then turn right twice, on the Einsteinstraat and Fokkerstraat.
At the end there is a parking place along the canal on your right.

Round trip of 20 km:

From the starting point you turn right passed the Ichthuskerk and then turn left on the Breevaart. There is a statue in the water of two ladies under an umbrella, where you turn right. You turn right again and then left. Then you turn right under the bridge and you come at the lake 's-Gravenbroek. You turn left and navigate across the lake. At the southeastern point there is an entrance to a canal. You enter the canal and keep left to the next lake named Groot Vogelenzang. You cross the lake heading north-west and enter the next canal. You turn left under the small bridge to the lake Ravensberg. You can paddle around the lake and return at the same point.
You cross the canal and pass the weir to the lake Klein Vogelenzang. You can operate the weir by pressing the button. Wait for the green light. If two red lights are on, the weir can not be operated. You can paddle around the lake. On the south side there are a few piers for fishermen. Some of them are suitable to dock a kayak so you can go on the side. Then you pass the weir again and turn left twice.
You're on the lake Groot Vogelenzang now, and you keep left to the other side. You enter the canal and you turn left. After a manual operated lift bridge you tur right on the lake Gravekoop. You can paddle around the lake and then go under the lift-bridge on the south side. The short canal with two bends leads towards the lake Nieuwenbroek.
You cross the lake and head left around the island. After the island you bend to the left and follow the south side. Then you turn left to the recreation area Twaalfmorgen. Here you can take a break. On the left there is an area for nude recreation. There are no facilities for swimming.
From the inlet you turn left and head west across the lake Kalverbroek. On the other side there is a short canal to the next lake Vrijhoef. You go straight across the lake to the next lake Klein Elfhoeven. This is a shallow lake and yachts should stay within the yellow buoys. You can make a detour to the left and enter the canal. It is a dead end that leads towards Restaurant 't Vaantje.
The yellow buoys lead to the entrance of the lake Elfhoeven. You go straigt across to the west and then pass the entrance in the north-west towards the Breevaart. You turn right on the Breevaart, and after 600 meters you turn left to the starting point.

GPS: N. 52.0426 E. 4.7205.

Downloadable GPX track of a 20.3 km route: Reeuwijkse Plassen.

Breevaart. Turn right at the statue.


Canal to Ravensberg.


Connection between Ravensberg and Klein Vogelenzang.

Weir towards Klein Vogelenzang. You can operate it by pressing the button.

Klein Vogelenzang.

Self-service bridge at Gravekoop.


Gravekoop. No passage under the bridge.

Floating kayak piers near the bridge between Gravekoop and Nieuwenbroek.

Canal between Elfhoeven and Vrijhoef.



A map (PDF-file) can be downloaded here.