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A round trip along Bobeldijk, Berkhout, Avenhorn and Grosthuizen of 18 km.

Kayak rentals: Camping 't Venhop, De Hulk 6a, 1647 DR Berkhout.

To the starting point Hoorn:

Exit the highway A7 Amsterdam - Afluitdijk at exit 7 (Avenhorn, Hoorn-West) and drive in the direction Hoorn. Don't turn right towards Hoorn, but go straight on on the Venneweg. This road runs parallel to the highway A7. After a short distance you tur right on the parking place at the Dwaalpark. This is the starting point.

From the parking place you go to the right under the bridge. After the bridge you turn right and go through twe culverts under the highway A7. Then follow the canal to the right and the bend to the left. At the intersection you go straight on passed the black wooden house. You go under a bridge and follow the bend to the right. A little further you turn left. At the T-junction you turn left, and a little further you paddle next to the railroad. At the firt houses of Bobeldijk you turn left nad follow the canal behind the houses. After 450 meters you turn left under a bridge at the pet burial place "De Stille Weiden". You follow the canal towards Berkhout. At the T-junction you turn right and you follow the canal behind the houses. At the end of the village the canal bends to the right. After the bend you turn left through the culvert. When you come at the first houses of Avenhorn you go under a bridge and follow the canal on the other side of the road. You keep going straight on. When the canal bends to the left you come at a small lake. There is a park on your right with a kayak-pier. This is an alternative starting point. You can portage here to the small harbour Het Hoog and continue to the Mijzenpolder. For this route you don't portage and you turn right through the culvert to the canal towards Grosthuizen. You go straight on behind the houses of Grothuizen. When you are near the highway A7 there is a wooden log in the canal, and that's where you turn left. After a while the canal makes a sharp bend to the right and you come across a small aqueduct. You go straight on under the highway A7 and follow the bend to the left. You can make a shortcut going straight on passed Camping 't Venhop (and then turn left), but for this route you turn right under the bridge. You pass the recreation area De Hulk and you come at a small lake. You keep going straight on and after a bridge you turn left at the T-junction (kayak club Flevo is to the right). Afther the railroad-bridge you turn right and this canal leads towards the starting point

Berkhout De Veenhoop boatramp (6): N 52.6444, E 5.0044
Hoorn Dwaalpark: N 52.6374, E 5.0167.
Avenhorn Venneweg: N 52.6154, E 4.9545.

Canal towards Bobeldijk.

In Bobeldijk you turn left under the bridge passed the pet burial place.

Pet burial place at Bobeldijk.

Hoorn between De Hulk and the dike of the Markermeer.

From the lake in De Hulk you can go in a southern direction towards the pumping station Westerkogge. There is a kayak pier for portage towards the Markermeer (Hoornse Hop). No parking space available here.