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Zwethroute 21.8 km.

The route is marked with red/yellow poles. The position of the poles are not always logical. Sometimes you need to make a turn and at other places you must go straight on. So it's difficult to find your way without a map. Hopefully this website can be of some help.

Kayak rentals:

Kanoverhuur De Zweth, Zwet 1d, 2295 KZ Kwintsheul, Tel. 0174-290125. It is situated along the Zweth north-east just out of range of the map on this site.

Starting point 's-Gravezande:

Starting point on the corner of Julianaweg and Rijnvaartweg in 's-Gravezande. (Lat. 52.0036, Lon. 4.1714). This starting point is in a park at the end of a small canal. There is free parking space along the main road. There is a snack-bar, but it's closed on Sundays.

From the starting point you paddle to the end of the canal, then turn left. After a short distance you turn right at the T-junction. Then turn right again. You keep going straight on and follow the main canal. When the canal is situated along the main road N220 you come at a junction where you see the locks Oranjesluis on your right. You go straight on. After the bridge there is a kayak pier on your right where you can take a break. You pass some houses, and then you take the first canal to the left. Follow the bends to the left and right. After the bridge under the main road N213 you turn left. Then take the second canal to the right. After a short distance you come at a small lake. Here you turn right. On the left side is a kayak pier and a picnic table. You continue through the village De Lier. After you leave the village there is a small marina on your left. After the marina you you turn left. This is a wide canal and you keep going straight on passed the huge Trade Parc Westland. Follow the bend to the right and then turn left towards Honselersdijk. Keep going straight on and follow the narrow canal passed the road. In the center of the village you turn left under a bridge and then right again. Keep going straight on onder the N213. At the end of the canal you turn left at the T-junction. Keep going straight on until you completed the circle. Take the second canal to the left, and then turn right again where you return at the starting point.

GPS starting point 's-Gravenzande: Lat. 52.0036 Lon. 4.1714.


Monster, at the themepark De Westlandse Druif. There's no kayak pier here, but with some efford you can go to the side. At the theme-parc there is a terrace along the canal where you can have a coffee.



A map with waypoints is available at the site of For a download of the PDF-file click here.