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A trip of 18 km. around Rijswijk.

Kayak rentals: 'Kanoverhuur Den Haag' along the Dunne Bierkade, The Hague, tel.: 070-4276889.

The Reijnerwatering and Laakhaven make a lesser known connection between Delft and The Hague. A round trip of 18 km. around Rijswijk can be made on these canals and the Delftsche Vliet.

Starting point near Delft.

There is a narrow road along the Kerstanje with free parking space. The Sionsweg east of the Pr. Beatrixlaan has lower sides than the road named Haantje west of the Pr. Beatrixlaan. As there is no connection to the Pr. Beatrixlaan (bikes only) there is little traffic. A good starting point is at the bridge across the Spieringswetering (a small dead end side canal).
Take exit 11 Rijswijk from the highway A4 and head south on the Pr. Beatrixlaan in the direction Delft.
Take the first turn right on the Terras van Sion. At the end turn left on the Verlengde Laan van Sion.
At the T-junction you come at the canal. Turn left and you see the bridge where you can launch the kayak.

Round trip of 18 km.

From the starting point you head southwest on the Kerstanje.
Turn right just before the bridge. There is a sign indicating waypoint 12.
After a bend to the left you go under higway A4.
You pass the windmill Schaapweimolen and then you turn right.
After a bridge the canal makes a bend to the right and to the left again. At the end of the canal you turn right. A little further the canal makes a bend to the left.
When you come at the Laakkanaal you turn sharp right. After a railroad bridge you turn left on the Laakhaven. This is a wide canal.
At the end of the canal you see the old port office on your left. You can turn left here on the canal named Zieke towards The Hague, but for this round trip you turn right on the Trekvliet.
At the T-junction you come at the Delftsche Vliet, and you turn right. You go under the highway A4. Just before Delft you turn right on the Kerstanje. The district is named Haantje. After the railroad bridge you come at the starting point.

Starting point Sionsweg, Delft. GPS: Lat. 52.0157 Lon. 4.3323.

Downloadable GPS-track of Rijswijk and Clingendael, a total distance of 29.6 km: Rijswijk/Clingendael.

Starting point at the Sionsweg.

Along the Kerstanje.




Tramway along the Erasmusweg in Rijswijk. There are several piers wher you can stop for a break.

Bend to the left towards the Laakkanaal.

Approaching the Laakkanaal. It's easy to go to the side here too.


Zieke (Dutch for sick person), the canal towards the center of The Hague. It was dug in the 14th century and it's the oldest canal in The Hague. The name refers to the lepra house that once stood along the canal.

Bridge across the Delftsche Vliet on the corner of the Trekvliet.


A map with waypoints is available at the site of For a download of the PDF-file click here.

Port Office The Hague. This monument was built in 1900.