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Kayak rentals:

At the nearby Vadesto just north of the Wiessenbergse Kolk along the Apeldoorns Kanaal.

Downloadable GPS-track (25.2 km): Hattem.

Starting point locks and Hezenbergerbrug:

The starting point Hezenbergerbrug is just south of Hattem. Follow the main road to the south. Outside the village you turn left on the Konijnenbergerweg. Just across the Hezenbergerbrug you turn right. There is a kayak pier.

Round trip of 27 km. to Villa Bakhuis or 25.2 km. if the norhtern part is not navigable.

You head south. You pass the spices factory Euroma and a footferry. A little further there is a kayak pier on your left (waypoint 03) where you can portage. After a short distance you come at a T-junction. You turn right on the Nieuwe Wetering. This is a narrow canal. When you come at a weir you can get out on the left and portage along the Revelingse Weg to the Wetering (100 meters). There is a small boatramp and a kayak pier. This is a good alternative starting point. You turn right and head south on the Wetering. This is a wide canal and there are several kayak/fishing piers along the way. After 4.7 km. you come at a weir. There are kayak piers on both sides. At the bridge (waypoint 8) you can go to the side and walk a short distance to the the giant weir that regulates the water-level of the river IJssel when there's extremely high water. A little further you turn left. On the corner there is a kayak/fishing pier named Tureluur.  The side-canal becomes rather shallow, and at the end you turn right on the Terwoldse Wetering. On your left is (at the bridge) the former Villa Bakhuis. This is an organic farm. There is a kayak pier on the left just after the second bridge. From here you can walk to the farm. The entrance is passed the white gate around the corner. There is free access to the shelter with picnic table and to the skybox where you can overlook the stable.
You go back the same way. You follow the Wetering until you see a large pumping station ahead. The canal bends to the left. At the end of the canal there is a kayak pier on the right. From here you can portage either to the Zwarte Kolk (no the north) if there is sufficient water in the canal. Otherwise you portage to the west, follow the narrow canal and turn right to the Apeldoorns Kanaal. If it's possible to navigate to the north, you cross the small lake Zwarte Kolk. Follow the stream, and when you come at a wider canal you turn left. When you come at the Apeldoorns Kanaal you turn sharp left. You pass locks Het Bastion, they are only closed at extreme river conditions. A little further you return to the locks at the starting point.

GPS Starting point Hezenberger Sluis: N. 52.4566 E. 6.0780

GPS Starting point Bonenburg: N. 52.3814 E. 6.0481

Starting point at the locks and Hezenbergerbrug.

Hezenberger Sluis.

View from the Hezenberger Brug.

Euroma spices factory.

New kayak pier made in 2018 near Wapenveld. Portage from the Apeldoorns Kanaal towards the Wetering.

Starting point Revelingse Weg near Wapenveld.

Dike along the Wetering.

Weir near Veessen.

Villa Bakhuis. The framework indicates the shape of the former estate.

View from the skybox.


Old pumping station and locks at the end of the Wetering (5).

Hollow tree at the Zwarte Kolk.

New kayak pier made in 2018 at the Zwarte Kolk.
Unfortunately the canal to the Zwarte Kolk is not navigable in dry periods. Then you can not make the round trip to the north and you need to return to the Apeldoorns Kanaal.

Wiessenbergse Kolk along the Apeldoorns Kanaal at Hattem. Two beavers have been signalled here. The lake is connected to the Apeldoorns Kanaal, but access is not allowed.

View on the Apeldoorns Kanaal from the locks "Het Bastion" near Hattem.
The locks only close if the water-level in the IJssel is high.

Map Kanoroutes Noordoost Veluwe can be downloaded as PDF-file.

To Bonenburg (20 km both ways)

From the starting point Hezenberger Sluis you head south. After 7 km. you pass restaurant "Voldaan".  From here it will take you less than half an hour to the former locks Bonenbergersluis. There is a good kayak pier at this side of the weir. If you may want to go any furhter: On the other side of the weir is a low side wher you can get in. Opposite the locks is the estate Bonenburg, the woods are open for public. It is very worthwhile to enter the branch Grift just before the locks. At the end of the stream you can get to the side at the weir.

The Euroma herbs factory in Wapenveld.

The Grift.

End of the navigatable part of the Grift at Bonenburg.

The locks in the Apeldoorns Kanaal at Bonenburg are replaced by a weir. There are kayak piers to enable portage.

Avoid the Hattem Marina: they charge 10 euros for just launching a kayak!


In Veessen there is a boat ramp in the marina where you can launch you kayak to the river IJssel. Access next to the hotel/restaurant IJsselzicht.

Apeldoorns Kanaal

For years the Apeldoorns Kanaal Foundation has dedicated itself to making the canal navigable again. Eventually it turned out to be unfeasible. In 2019 the foundation was merged into Stichting Beleef het Kanaal. Goal is to make the canal enjoyable for the public.