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Apeldoorns Kanaal near Hattem

Kayak rentals:

At the nearby Vadesto just north of the Wiessenbergse Kolk along the Apeldoorns Kanaal.

Update June 2018: New kayak piers have been made. Portage at Wapenveld is possible now, so you can make a round trip.
Further information will be availabel soon. For now you can take a look at the map on the bottom of the page.

Apeldoorns Kanaal

The canal Apeldoorns Kanaal is a forgotten monument from the Industrial Revolution. Once it was built to bring industrial activity to the town Apeldoorn, but soon redundant because of the coming of railroads. Actually its history is similar to that of the British canals. In Britain many effords are done to restore the old waterways, but the Apeldoorns Kanaal is forgotten. Locks are no longer operational. Many lift-bridges can not be lifted any more because the wooden pavement made place for concrete. Also many fixed bridges are made, so the canal is no longer accessible for boats, except for kayaks. The only staircase locks that were ever built in the Netherlands, were to be found in the Apeldoorns Kanaal, but unfortunately they are demolished. The foundation Stichting Apeldoorns Kanaal was founded to make the canal accessible for boats again. On their website (in Dutch only) you can find a detailed map and information about the present condition of locks and bridges. It is very worthwhile to explore the canal by kayak. It is nice quiet water for a kayak-trip. There are some bends from time to time, so you won't get bored paddling just a straigt course. Along the sides you can see many old farmhouses and remains of old industry including tall chimneys. Nature is beautiful and there are many big trees. A nice trip is from Hattem to the estate Bonenburg. Just before the former locks at Bonenburg you can make a right turn into the Grift and paddle upstream into the estate until you reach the weir. From Apeldoorn to the south navigation is difficult because of shallow water.

Starting point locks and Hezenbergerbrug:

The starting point Hezenbergerbrug is just south of Hattem. Follow the main road to the south. There is a traffic light where you have to turn left into the Konijnenbergerweg. Just across the Hezenbergerbrug you turn right. On the south side there are low sides where it is easy to get into the water.

Round trip of 14.9 km

You head north and after 1.1 km. you turn sharp right on the Veluwse Wetering. The locks Het Bastion are open. Then after 2 km. you turn right on the narrow canal. You cross the lake Zwarte Kolk and at the weir you portage across the road on the dike. Follow the canal Nieuwe Wetering to the south. Follow the canal until you come at another weir. Just before the bridge you portage at the kayak pier. You cross the bridge and after the bend in the road you can go into the water again. Follow the short canal and turn left on the Wetering. After a while you see a big pumping station. Here you turn left. Here you do another portage and you go straight on towards the Apeldoorns Kanaal. At the weir you portage towards the Apeldoorns Kanaal and you turn right back to the starting point.

GPS Starting point Hezenbergerbrug: Lat. 52.4566 Lon. 6.0780

Starting point at the locks and Hezenbergerbrug.

Zwarte Kolk seen from the dike.

Zwarte Kolk.

New kayak pier made in 2018 near Wapenveld. Portage from the Apeldoorns Kanaal towards the Watering.

New kayak pier made in 2018 at the Zwarte Kolk.
Because of the draught in July 2018, there's hardly any water.

Wiessenbergse Kolk along the Apeldoorns Kanaal at Hattem. Two beavers have been signalled here. The lake is connected to the Apeldoorns Kanaal, but access is not allowed.

View on the Apeldoorns Kanaal from the locks "Het Bastion" near Hattem.
The locks only close if the water-level in the IJssel is high.

To Bonenburg (20 km both ways)

It will take just over one hour (7 km) to reach the only restaurant along the route "Voldaan". This is also a Bed and Breakfast. From here it will take you less than half an hour to the former locks Bonenbergersluis. There is a good kayak pier at this side of the weir. If you may want to go any furhter: On the other side of the weir is a low side wher you can get in. Opposite the locks is the estate Bonenburg, the woods are open for public. It is very worthwhile to enter the branch Grift just before the locks. At the end of the stream you can get to the side at the weir.

The Euroma herbs factory in Wapenveld.

The Grift.

End of the navigatable part of the Grift at Bonenburg.

The locks in the Apeldoorns Kanaal at Bonenburg are replaced by a weir. There are kayak piers to enable portage.

Map kanoroutes Noordoost Veluwe was made possible thanks to Vadesto, Hotel IJsselzicht, Villa Bakhuis and Buitengewoon Buiten.

Avoid the Hattem Marina: they charge 10 euros for just launching a kayak!


In Veessen there is a boat ramp in the marina where you can launch you kayak to the river IJssel. Access next to the hotel/restaurant IJsselzicht.