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The river has a length of 9.4 km from Haastrecht to Schoonhoven.

From the starting point at swimming-pool De Loete to Schoonhoven 8,1 km, so both ways will be 16.2 km. The river is very quiet at no motorized boats are allowed. There is no current. No facilities for portage towards the Hollandse IIssel or to the river Lek.

Kayak rentals:

Kanocentrum Haastrecht, Hoogstraat 10, 2851 BG Haastrecht. Tel. 0182-502245.

Starting point Haastrecht:

There is a good kayak-pier at swimming-pool De Loete, just outside Haastrecht. The kayak pier is at the picnic table just south of the parking area.
You can also launch in Schoonhoven at the kayak pier opposite restaurant Brasserie Springer, Opweg 2a, 2871 NA Schoonhoven.

The route is very easy: From Haastrecht you head south until Schoonhoven. About halfway you pass the village Vlist. There is a kayak-pier at Café De Vlist. At the end of the river in Schoonhoven you can take the kayak out and continue in the Stadspark around the center of the town. There is a short canal to the weigh-house in the center.

This route connects to the route Krimpenerwaard.

GPS De Loete in Haastrecht: Lat. 51.9934 Lon. 4.7827.

The Vlist.

The Vlist.

The Vlist

Weigh-house in Schoonhoven.

Portage to the Hollandse IJssel in Haastrecht is possible. Just before the bridge of road N228 you turn left. On the right side you can get to the side at the IJsclub. Turn left along the N228, at the roundabout you turn right. Then turn left and right again. Across the bridge you turn left and after 100 meters there is a low side.

Portage to the river Lek is a 10 minute walk. Launch site on the river Lek is upstream from the ferry ramp at a small beach.