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Around Waarland

Around Waarland (Rondje Waarland) 14 km. No portages.

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Starting points Dirkshorn

Leave the N245 at the exit Dirkshorn. To the west: a little further you see the small harbor on your left.
To the east: Turn right towards the lake. There is a long low side.

Starting point Waarland

Leave the N242 at exit Waarland. After a bridge you turn left. A little further you come at a field with a boat-ramp. This is a good starting place.

From Dirkshorn you go straight on under the bridge of the N245. Here you come to a small lake. Follow the south side, and straight across there is another canal. After two wooden bridges and a few bends you come at a junction where the round trip Waarland begins. Here you can go straight on and make the round trip clockwise. Just keep following the main canal passed Zijdewind and De Weel. After a high footbridge you come at the Niedorpervaart. For the round-trip you turn right here. You can turn left here for an extra trip to Oude Niedorp. Af the bridge of the N241 is a pier on your left. You can't go to the side here. A little further you turn right on the canal Westerlangereis. After a windmill there are two side canals to Oude Niedorp. The sides are private property.
You head west on the Niedorpervaart towards Oudkarspel. You turn left on the canal towards the locks Roskamsluis. Here you find hotel-restaurant De Buizerd. If the restaurant is closed you can walk to the nearby gas-station for a good sandwich and coffee. When you turn back you keep left to the small lake 't Waardje. It is a nice place with old trees. You can head to Oudkarspel on the main canal. I chose to turn left and take the detour around the former factory. A sign indicates this is a dead end, but with a kayak you can pass the low bridge further on. At the T-junction you turn right. Then you follow the main canal and pass the church. At the end of the canal you turn left at the T-junction at the pumping station to return to Dirkshorn.

GPS Dirkshorn: N 52.7497 E 4.7794

Downloadable GPS-track of 22.9 km. Waarland.

Iron fish at the starting point in Dirkshorn.

Bridge across the canal around Waarland. Here you can portage and continue in the direction Schagen on the canal along the trees. There is a low side at the pumping station where you can get out. There is a kayak pier at the other canal.

Windmill at Zijdewind.

De Weel.

Bridge across the Boomervaart.

View from the bridge.

Oude Niedorp.

't Waardje



Pumping station along the Ringsloot. Turn left towards Dirkshorn.

No dead end

Although the sign does not encourage to go further, there is no dead end for kayaks behind the industrial terrain. There is a low bridge though.