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Round trip of 20.8 km.

One portage. On this route you pass several lakes. On a windy day the waves may be troublesome or even dangerous. It is advisable to make this trip only on a quiet day.

Kayak rentals:

Watersportbedrijf De Werff, Hoytemadyk 2, 8614 AR Oudega.
Tel.: 0515-469960 / 06-48636430 (Bart)

Starting point next to the entrance of Camping De Bearshoeke:

From the Afsluitdijk take exit 17 from the A7 and head south on the N359. Turn left to Tjerkwerd and across the bridge you turn right. Follow the dike. About 1 km. after Blauwhuis you turn right towards Oudega. After the center you turn right. You see the camping on the right.
From the A6, you exit at Oosterzee and follow the N354 passed Spannenburg. At the roundabout near Woudsend you turn right and keep on the N354. At Hommerts you turn left towards Oudega. In the center you turn left.

You can launch the kayak at the boat-ramp next to the camping-entrance. Before you go check wind-conditions and weather forcast.
You go on the lake and head west. If necessary you can follow lee side in the north. You pass a small island. You can take a break here, but there is a lot of duck-shit... Head south-west on the Vlakke Brekken. The lake becomes narrower and you pass a foot-ferry. At the junction you turn right and a little furhter left on a narrow canal. Follow the canal and when you come at a junction you turn right on the side-canal. A little further you come at the only portage-point in this route. Further on you pass It Heidenskip. It's just a church and a few small houses. You cross the lake Hofmar. The entrance of the canal is just left of a farm-house. A little further you come at a big lake, the Fluessen. You turn left and follow the north-side. After you pass an island with trees on the right you turn slightly left towards the inlet It Piel. Across the inlet there is a kayak pier with a picnic table. Here is Camping Flapper. From here you turn left and pass Gaastmeer. After the village you turn left and you come at the lake Groote Gaastmeer. Follow the north-side to the west. The third inlet is a passage to the lake Zandmeer. You can also go a little further and turn right on the main canal. At the Zandmeer you turn right and follow th east-side to the canal Skrokfeart. This short canal leads to the next lake Ringwiel. Here you head east across the lake to the canal Ringwielgrêft. After a bend to the right you turn left towards Oudega. In Oudega you turn left and under the bridge you keep left.

GPS De Bearshoeke Oudega: N 52.9917 E 5.5460

Downloadable GPS-track (20.8 km): Oudega.

Portage place at the Heidenskipster Feart (Heidenschapstervaart).

At the portage place in the Heidenskipster Feart (Heidenschapstervaart).

It Heidenskip (Heidenschap).

Fluessen. Keep the island with the trees on your right to navigate to Gaastmeer.

Kayak pier with picnic table on the inlet of the Fluessen towards Gaastmeer. This is a public place. Other mooring places in Gaastmeer are private property.



Sânmar (Zandmeer).

Skrokfeart (Schrokvaart) to the lake Ringwiel.

Signpost at the canal to Oudega.



In Friesland there are two villgages named Oudega. There's Oudega in the county Smallingerland near Drachten. This route starts in Oudega county Súdwest-Frylân.

Frisian names.

It's a bit complicated about the names of villages and waterways. Often the name in Dutch is more common, but especially smaller places or waterways simply don't have a name in Dutch. So on this map names in both languages appear. I know it's a bit of a mess...