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Alkmaar (Viaanse Molen), Heiloo (3 portages), Abbey of Egmond-Binnen 9.5 km.
Alkmaar straight on to Egmond-Binnen (no portages) 9.7 km.
Alkmaar to Egmond aan de Hoef (no portages) 9.7 km.

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After the last Ice Age a northern branch of the river Rhine poured into the North Sea at Egmond. A small village existed of fishermen. The Roman Empire reached as far as the river that was named Egg or Egge. Early settlements date back to the Roman time. It was named after the river (mont = mouth of the river Egg). When dunes came to exist they blocked the flow of the river, and because of that water levels behind the dunes rose. The water fled via the former river Rekere to the flats of the Zipe. Every village made their own dikes and canals to prevent from flooding. At storms the sea water came in from the north as far as Egmond and Alkmaar. A sea dike between Petten and the already existing West-Frisian Sea Dike ended the floodings, but also stopped the flow of the Rekere. The lakes Bergermeer and Egmondermeer came to exist. The area between Egmond and Heiloo was swampy. Around the year 977 the villages Egmond aan Zee and Hoef (now named Egmond aan de Hoef) came to exist. Egmond-Binnen was then named Hallum. The abbey of Egmond was founded in the year 950. The monks took part in cultivation of the higher grounds and the building of dikes. A canal to Alkmaar was made to enable shipping of sea shells to the limekilns. The quay where the ships moored was next to the abbey, right at the place where this kayak route ends. During the Iconoclasm of 1566 the monastre was destroyed. A new abbey was built around 1930.

This trip starts at the business park "Viaanse Molen" in the north-west of Alkmaar.

Take the belt-way of Alkmaar (Ring) and exit where it crosses the Noordhollands Kanaal. If you come from the west on the N9 turn in the direction Schagen and take the first exit (just after the Texaco). When you come at the canal turn left. After the Connexxion-garage turn left again. This is the onramp of the beltway in the direction Haarlem, but before you reach the high-way turn right into the Havinghastraat. If you come from the east exit after you passed the bridge and turn left into the Havinghastraat. This street makes a bend to the left and at the end there is a parking-lot. Behind the parking-lot is the canal where this trip starts.

To the abbey of Egmond-Binnen:

From the starting point you go to the left under the bridge of the beltway. At the first intersection there is a small triangular island. You turn right here. Then you keep going straight on passed the windmill Geestmolen in the Hoefplan and a mosque with a green minaret. After the bridge of the beltway you leave the city. On your right you see a kayak pier that can be used as an alternative starting point. After a short distance you turn sharp left. This canal leads to Heiloo. There are three portages in the park Noorderneg. But there are kayak piers or low sides, so it is nu problem. After the third portage you turn left under the bridge of the Zeeweg. Along the canal is the walking route "Monnikenpad" (Monks path) that also leads to the Abbey of Egmond. You take the second canal to the right and you head for Egmond-Binnen. The canal ends at the abbey. Unfortunately there's no kayak pier (April 2017) and it's a bit difficult to get on the side. The garden next to the abbey is open for public.

You go back the same way. You can skip the portages at Heiloo by going straight on passed the kayak pier. At a T-junction you turn right and you head back to Alkmaar.

To Egmond aan de Hoef:

From the starting point you follow the same route as above. Just after you leave Alkmaar you keep going straight on and you'll end in Egmond aan de Hoef.

Downloadable GPS-track 19.2 km: Egmond-Binnen.

Ringvaart Bergermeer in Alkmaar.

Windmill Geestmolen in the Hoefplan, Alkmaar.


First portage at the Maalwater in Heiloo.


Park Noorderneg.

Portage in the Noorderneg.

Monnikenpad, a walking route on the former towpath.


The abbey of Egmond-Binnen.

Beehive at the abbey.

Substructure of the former castle "Slot Op Den Hoef".

A new kayak pier has been made at the abbey in Egmond-Binnen (spring 2018).

The Abbey

The gardens around the abbey are partly open for public. There is a candle makery, a museum and a giftshop. Every Saturday there is a guided tour around the abbey (in Dutch only).