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A round trip of 19.3 km. to the end of the Prins Hendrikkanaal and back on the Noordwijksevaart and the Leidsevaart.

I made a small detour in the polder next to the Leidsevaart and to the end of the Ganzenweide, so I made a track of 25.0 km.
No portages.

No kayak rentals along the route.

Starting point at the Oegstgeester Kanaal

Take the A44 Amsterdam - The Hague. Take the exit 6 Oesgtgeest-Noord. Head south on the N444 towards Oegstgeest. At the end of the road turn right at the traffic lights, and then turn right again. The starting point is on your right just as soon as you see the canal. There is an inlet for boat-trailers and a low side for kayaks. You can park at the side-street Hofbroukerlaan.

From the starting point you head west on the Oegstgeesterkanaal. After 4 km. you come at an intersection. You go straight on following the main canal. This last part towards Katwijk is the former river Hollandse Rijn, now named Binnenwatering. You pass the marina and at the pumping station you turn left on the Prins Hendrikkanaal. At the end of the canal there is a long pier. The first part is lower and suitable for kayaks. Here you can go to the side to visit the town center. On Sundays everything is closed and the streets are empty. So no cup of coffee then...
You return on the canal and the Binnenwatering. At the intersection you turn left on the Noordwijkervaart. After 2.7 km. there are several fishing piers on the left. They're also suitable for kayakers to take a break and have a view over the meadows. At the next intersection you turn right and then follow the bend to the left. After a bridge you turn right on the Leidsevaart. After 1.9 km you pass a windmill. You can turn right here for a small detour in the polder. When you return you continue on the Leidsevaart. Just before Oegstgeest you pass an old toll-house with a gate. The the canal makes a bend to the right and you're back at the starting point.
You can make a small extra trip towards Warmond. Turn left twice. You come at a small lake with mansions on the side. At the end of the lake you can enter a narrow canal. You pass under the railroad, and then turn left on the Ganzenwei. This is a nice and quiet canal with trees on the right and meadows on the left. There are a few low bridges. Finally the canal makes two bends to the right and after the next bridge it ends at the revalidation center Mariëngaarde. Here you turn back to the starting point.
Total distance of this route (GPS) is 25.0 km.

GPS President Kennedylaan Oegstgeest: N 52.1878 E 4.4848

Downloadable GPS-track (25.0 km): Katwijk.


Pumping station at the end of the Binnenwatering.

Prins Hendrikkanaal. No people in the streets on Sunday.


Noordwijkervaart also named Maandagsche Watering.

Leidsevaart at Voorhout.

Polder next to the Leidsevaart.

Former toll house along the Leidsevaart.



The canal was dug in 1657, making it one of the oldest canals in the Netherlands. It was the major means of transport between Leiden and Haarlem for almost two centuries until the rail connection was established in 1852.

Oegstgeester Kanaal

The canal was dug in 1840 for draining of the Haarlemmermeer.

Prins Hendrikkanaal

This canal was dug in 1572 for draining of the Haarlemmermeer. During the 80year-war it lacked maintenance and it silted down. Houses were built around the dead-end canal and people named it Mallegat (fools hole). Because of the houses reconnecting the canal to the sea was no option here and a new canal was dug more to the north. The Mallegat was restored and got its name Prins Hendrikkanaal. In 2015 a long floating pier was made to enable mooring to recrational vessels.


There's no connection to the recreation area Klinkenbergerplas. Portaging is not possible.