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  1. Around Oudorp: 9 km.
  2. Around the polder Bergermeer: 12 km.
  3. Round trip to Koedijk/Huiswaard of 8.6 km (starting point near the ponton bridge 28 km from the city center).

Camping Alkmaar: 500 meter van de Ringvaart Bergermeer

1. Around Oudorp 9 km.

Start along the Hoornse Vaart:

Leave the northern beltway at exit St. Pancras/Oudorp in the direction Oudorp. Just after the bend you turn right and left again. A sign indicates this is a bike road, which is rather strange as there is a parking place to the right. There is a good low pier that belongs to the rowing club. It is free for public use.

From the starting point you paddle west in the direction Alkmaar. Follow the canal and pass Oudorp. You'll pass several windmills and when you enter Alkmaar you come to a bigger canal, the Noordhollands Kanaal. Give way to all motorized ships here, and be prepared to meet some waves. Turn right at the canal. When you see a white building in front (Police station) keep to the left. At the end turn left under the bridge. Here you enter the Singel. When you see a wooden bridge in front, you must turn left under a narrow bridge Lamoraalsluis. When you passed another bridge you come to a canal named Oudegracht. Keep going straight on. At the end the canal makes a turn to the left and you pass a bridge named Turfmarktbrug. Here you come into the Noordhollands Kanaal again. You can turn right here to continue your trip, or make a detour trough the city center. If so, go straight on and turn left under the second bridge (there is a small ferry for pedestrians here). At the end of the canal you come at the weigh-house where the cheese-market is held on Fridays. Here you turn right and when you come back into the Noordhollands Kanaal turn right again. Pass the bridge Frieschebrug, and you come at the point where you started the detour. From here, follow the main canal to the east. When the Noordhollands Kanaal turns right (there is a shipyard on the left corner), you turn left. Just follow the canal and you'll return to the starting point.

GPS Viaanse Molen: Lat. 52.6475 Lon. 4.7371
Hoornse Vaart: Lat. 52.6402 Lon. 4.7741
't Hengelaertje: Lat. 52.6391 Lon. 4.7861
Koedijk: Lat. 52.6577 Lon. 4,7474
In September 2015 new kayak piers and picnic tables were made along the canal around the Bergermeer. You can find more info in the PDF-file.

Weighing tower De Waagtoren.

House with the Cannon Ball.
The year 1573 was a turning point in the siege of Alkmaar (Eighty year's war with Spain).


Platte Stenen Brug.

Excise Tower.

Police station at the peninsula Afgesneden Kanaalvlak.

2. Bergermeer (12 km)

This trip starts at the business park "Viaanse Molen" in the north-west of Alkmaar.

Take the belt-way of Alkmaar (Ring) and exit where it crosses the Noordhollands Kanaal. If you come from the west on the N9 turn in the direction Schagen and take the first exit (just after the Texaco). When you come at the canal turn left. After the Connexxion-garage turn left again. This is the onramp of the beltway in the direction Haarlem, but before you reach the high-way turn right into the Havinghastraat. If you come from the east exit after you passed the bridge and turn left into the Havinghastraat. This street makes a bend to the left and at the end there is a parking-lot. Behind the parking-lot is the canal where this trip starts.

You start going to the right. You pass the field of athletics-club Hylas. When you passed the bridge under the highway the canal bends to the right. This trip is very easy: keep turning left until you enter the town Alkmaar. All side canals are dead ends. When you've almost passed Bergen you pass a bridge. Just behind the bridge there is a low side on the right where you can take a brake. If you want to stretch your legs, you better do it here as further on there is reed all the way on both sides. At this place the canal makes a sharp bend to the left. On the right side you can see the windmill as shown on the photo below. If you go further you'll have to make a left turn twice. Then at the next intersection turn left again. From now on you can only go straight on until you're back in Alkmaar. In Alkmaar you must turn left again, this is just after a bridge named "Pelmolenbrug". If you want to make a detour to the city-center, you go straight on here, pass the railroad-bridge and you come to the Singel. For this trip you turn left. Now take the second side-canal to the left. There is a little island in the middle here. Go straight on and pass the bridge under the highway. Right after the bridge is the starting-point of the trip.

Near the starting point Viaanse Molen. GPS: Lat. 52.6475, Lon 4.7371

Canal around the Bergermeer.

Along the canal around the Bergermeer.

Offices of Reaal and UWV along the Hoevervaart.

3.Koedijk (8.6 km)

Starting point: Postiljonstraat/Graveurstraat:

From the beltway WEST you head in the direction Schagen. After the bridge across the Noordhollands Kanaal you turn left at the first traffic lights. You follow the Kanaaldike to the north. Take the fourth street to the right (Laan van Brussel), and turn left into the Graveurstraat. At the end of the street follow the bend to the left and in the corner where it meets the Postiljonstraat you see a round parking place. The starting point is across the bike-road.

From the starting point you turn left and follow the canal behind the houses of Koedijk. You pass the newly built cornmill De Gouden Engel (open for public from june 20, 2009) and you pass the old black church and clock tower. There is a restaurant (Het Vergulde Paard), but this is not open (2009) as it is for sale. You keep turning left. There is a low culvert under the Laan van Tata. At the next junction you go straight on (to the left you can go to the center of Alkmaar). At the next junction you go straight on and then turn left. You see the Oudieplas on your left, but you keep to the right. At the end of the canal you see the cornmill and there you turn left to the starting point.

GPS: Lat. 52,6577, Lon. 4,7474 (parking place opposite Graveurstraat 79)

Ponton bridge across Noordhollands Kanaal.

De Gouden Engel. The cornmill was rebuilt in 2008/2009 and now open for public.

Clock tower and Black Church of Koedijk along the Daalmeerpad.


Blauwe Reiger.

From the city center there is a marked route that runs passed the Hoornse Vaart to Alkmaar North and Koedijk. Return on the Noordhollands Kanaal.

From the ponton bridge at Koedijk the distance to Schoorldam is 6.1 km. About halfway you can turn right towards the recreation area Geestmerambacht (one portage). In the middle of the lake there is a peninsula with a kayak pier. The peninsula is ment for nude recreation. The lake can not be reached from Alkmaar-North.

It is possible to navigate towards Egmond a.d. Hoef (close to the foundations of the castle). The distance from the city center is 6.8 km. You can also navigate to Egmond-Binnen. The canal ends in the pastures at some distance of the abbey.

From the city center Alkmaar to Akersloot is 8 km on the Noordhollands Kanaal. This is a long straight stretch of canal.

From the city center Alkmaar to Langedijk is 9 km.


In the center of Alkmaar there is a kayak pier at the Beermuseum.