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Distance: 8.5 km to the end of the Amstelmeerkanaal x 2 = 17 km.

No kayak rentals.

Until 1930 when it became connected to the main land by the Afsluitdijk, Wieringen was an island. On the south-side there is the polder Wieringermeer, and in between is a canal, the Amstelmeerkanaal. This canal is only connected to the lake Amstelmeer by a culvert. This one too low for passing by canoe. The canal is a very quiet one and you seldom see anyone else on the water. There are no houses nearby and at some distance there is a country road with hardly any traffic. From the canoe you can see the former south shore of the island. Especially the first part is interesting because here are the cliffs. Further on there is a dike.

To De Haukes:

Take the N99 between Den Helder and Den Oever. Exit to the south in the direction Slootdorp. When you've passed the last house of the village De Haukes, you have reached the end of the island. On the left there is a place marked with a sign where you can let the canoe into the water.

Here you start paddling to the east. After 3 km you pass a wooden bridge. From there it is 2 km to the next bridge. The road across is marked with a sign Burgerweg. From there it is 3.5 km to the end of the canal. Here is a place on your left just before the pumping-station where you can take the canoe to the side.

If you want to go further and go into the woods of the Robbenoordbos you need some more directions. The portage is about 700 m. You walk to the road, turn right passed the pumping station. Then go through to tunnel under the high-way (beware of cyclists). Then you pass a place where they sell snacks and then pass the locks. Take a look: the land is 5 meters below sea-level here! Then pass the big pumping-station named Leemans and turn right into the woods. On the right there is a marked place where you let the canoe into the water. It is somewhat hidden behind the bushes. In the Robbenoordbos there are not many directions where you can go. Straight on (where you can continue to Kreileroord and Medemblik), or turn right after a while. There are just very straight canals and there's nothing very exciting. When this was designed the main aim was to make it functional and not making it interesting for canoe-tourists. But to see it once is nice. I just wander why they don't make any side canals now, at least so that you can make a circle.

GPS De Haukes: Lat. 52.8894 Lon. 4.9380

Downloadable GPS-track of 24.2 km. Wieringen.

Slootvaart with a kayak-pier on the left.

Kayak-pier along the Slootvaart.

Locks in Slootdorp.

Kayak-pier along the Den Oeversche Vaart.

Den Oeversche Vaart.

Marina in the Robbenoordbos.

Passage under highway A7.

Locks and pumping station Leemans. You can pass through the locks to the Binnenhaven/IJsselmeer.
The new black pier on the left is public, but it's too high for kayaks, and the second pier is private.
On the right there is a kayak-pier where you can portage to the Hooge Kwelvaart. Here you also find a kayak-pier.

On the Hoge Kwelvaart you paddle a short distance to the right.
After the bend you see this kayak-pier on your left. Here you can go to the Robbenoordbos.

Portage via the Robbenoordbos to the Amstelmeerkanaal (700 meters).

Portage on the road across the locks passed the pumping station Leemans.

You pass through the bike-tunnel to the Amstermeerkanaal.

You need to lift the kayak across a wooden gate. There is no kayak-pier at the canal. You can launch the kayak just before the inlet of a pumping-station.

Kayak-pier at De Haukes.

There were plans to expand the Amstelmeerkanaal into an watersports-area before the year 2009. The canal would be made much wider and debouch into a lake along the southside of Wieringen reaching to the IJsselmeer. In november 2010 however, it was decided that the plan doesn't go through.