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Rijn - Meije

A route of 33 km on the Grecht, Oude Rijn, Ziendevaart and Meije.

One portage passage through lock at Bodegraven (not for free).

No kayak rentals.

Starting Point at Woerdense Verlaat. This is the best starting point as at Woerdense Verlaat as there are 2 locks 700 meters apart. In Bodegraven you have to lock as portage is not possible here Euro 1,40 per kayak (2008).

Starting point Woerdense Verlaat.

Exit the A2 (Amsterdam - Utrecht) at Breukelen and follow the N401 passing Kockengen. At the roundabout you turn right on the N212. Before a bridge you turn left on the N463 towards Woerdense Verlaat. Just before the bridge you turn left. You can park the car at the houses on your right near the locks. Carry the kayak passed the houses (follow the road) to the kayak pier after the locks.

From the locks at Woerdense Verlaat you head south on the Grecht. This canal was dug in the 15th century to connect Woerden to the north. The actual plan was to make a straight canal, but local farmers objected as they didn't want there land being devided in two parts. At their own cost they were allowed to dig a canal with many bends around their pastures. The many bends make the canal very attractive for kayaks. It is a very silent canal, there's only a bike-road along it. There are several pieces of nature along the canal with swamps and reedlands, named the Kamerikse Nessen. After 8.5 km you come at a T-junction. You can turn left here to visit Woerden, but the main route goes to the right on the Oude Rijn.

In Woerden there is not much to see, except for the nice water-tower. First you pass an industrial area, then after a bridge you enter Woerden. You can make a small trip around and through the city center.

You head west on the Oude Rijn. This is a wider canal and some boats pass by from time to time. In Nieuwerbrug there is a toll-bridge where you still have to pay toll if you want to pass by car. Kayaks can go under the bridge for free. In Bodegraven you have pass locks. Portage is not possible as the sides are rather high. You pay Euro 1.40 per kayak (2008) to pass the locks. The next village is Zwammerdam. Here you turn right into the Ziende. After a short distance you come at locks. You can carry the kayak passed the locks. After the locks you turn sharp right to the Meije. If you would go straight on you come at the Nieuwkoopse Plassen. Follow the Meije for 9.5 km. Then you follow the bend to the left and you follow the straight canal to the north (direction Noorden). After a short distance you turn right on the main canal towards Woerdense Verlaat. Just before the locks you can go to side on your right. To prevent further portages you better walk 700 meters to the other locks where you left the car and drive back to collect the kayak.

GPS Woerdense Verlaat: Lat. 52.1534, Lon. 4.8632.

Woerden. After the bridge you come at the Singel wher you can navigate around the city center.






Locks Bodegraven

You can find operating times on the site of Heegheemraadschap De Stichtse Rijnlanden.