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Den Helder

Round trip to Den Helder and Fortress Erfprins.

Kayak rental

Kanoverhuur Den Helder, De Helderse Vallei, Den Helder. Tel.06-10862338.

Marked routes:

In Den Helder and Julianadorp there are marked routes. You can find information in the folder "Waterrijk Den Helder" (pdf-file in Dutch).

To the starting point: Head north on the N9 and exit at Julianadorp Noorderhaven Kustrecreatie. Drive west on the Callantogervaart towards the dunes. At the T-junction you turn right towards Den Helder. After 3.5 km you enter a 60 km zone. Turn right on the Middenvliet. After 600 meters the starting point is on your right next to the bridge of the bike-road. 

From the starting point you head east on the Middenvliet. Turn left on the bridge and follow the canal till the end. At the T-junction turn left. Then take the first canal to the right. Then take the first canal to the left towards Fort Dirksz Admiraal. Follow the bend and keep right till the T-junction. Here you turn left and follow the straight canal towards fort Erfprins. This is military terrain, but you can paddle passed it towards the sea-dike either left or right. There are no kayak-piers, but if there are no people fishing you can go to the site at a few places. To the right you can paddle around the Gemini hospital towards the Singel. It is difficult to go to the side here. Return to the Fort Dirksz Admiraal and keep left. After the railroad bridge there is a side canal to the right where kayak club Phoenix is located. Then you come at the harhour. This is deep water and there may be some waves of ships passing by. On the right you see the white houses and marina of Marinapark. You go under the high bridge (N9) and turn right on the Noordhollands Kanaal. This also may be some wavy water. Keep to the right. If the locks on your left open, there may be a lot of boats on the canal. Head south. After a slight bend to the left you turn right under the bridge. Here's a portage towards the Doggersvaart. You're at the end of the runway of De Kooy Airport. Go to the right then take the first canal to the left (Korte Vliet). Follow the bend along the railroad and then turn right under the bridge. Now you go straight on back to the starting point.

Another starting point

Along the sea-dike (end of the Bassinggracht) at the monument Helden der Zee. Opposite the former town-hall there is a kayak pier at the end of the canal. There is free parking space in the surrounding streets. From here it's only a short distance towards the city center.
From this place it is 2.5 km. to the city center. If you turn left twice on the Noordhollands Kanaal you pass the Lifeboat museum, the Lightship Texel and some old life-boats. At the end of the canal you come at the Navy Museum. Here you can navigate under a submarine. There's no kayak pier here.

Kaartje Den Helder

GPS Middenvliet: N 52.9153, E 4.7288.
GPS Plein Helden der Zee: N. 52.9624, E. 4.7532.
GPS Mariëndal (Helderse Vallei): N. 52.9355, E 4.7339.

Downloadable GPS-track: Den Helder.

Starting point Middenvliet.

New Den Helder.

Hindu temple. This 17 meters hight Hindu tempel was finished in 2013. It is situated along the canal between Mariëndal and Fortress Dirks Admiraal.

Weir at Fort Dirks Admiraal. Here you can carry the kayak around or go through the locks.
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Marina Park.


Lightship Texel.

The tugboat "Noordzee" , dating from 1922, is currently being resored. A new steam boiler has been placed and there's a fundraising to get the boat sailing again in 2019. On the photo it is moored along the Old naval wharf "Oude Rijkswerf".

Monument for the lifeboat people 'Helden der Zee'. There is a kayak pier.

Naval Museum.

Portage point at airport De Kooy (N9).



A submarine sails out on the Marsdiep.

In Mariëndal there is a new pancake restaurant "De Pannenkoekenvallei". Behind the restaurant there is a good kayak pier with free access. This can also be used as a starting point. There's free parking space. During the summer months there is aflee market on Friday afternoon. Access to the water is difficult then.