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A marked round trip of 24.7 km. on the Angstel, Geuzensloot, Vinkeveense Plassen, Winkel, Waver and Holendrecht with 4 portages.
The northern route only is 13 km (2 portages).
The southern route only is 18 km (2 portages).
When there's a strong (western) wind, there may be big waves on the lakes Vinkeveense Plassen.

Kayak rentals:

Winkeloord Winkeldijk 20a, 3645 AP Vinkeveen. (near the Proosdijsluis) Tel: 0294-281426.

Starting point along the Angstel between Baambrugge and Abcoude.

Exit the A2 (Amsterdam - Utrecht) in the direction Abcoude. In the center you cross a bridge and then turn right towards Baambrugge. The starting point is at a pumping station on your right near a windmill. There is a sign on the gate "Molen 2". You can park on the grass behind the bike-road.

Starting point at De Horn along the Winkel

Exit the A2 (Amsterdam - Utrecht) in the direction Abcoude. In Abcoude you turn right after a small park on the street Koppeldijk. You keep going straight on. At the T-junction at the river Winkel you turn left. After a short distance you come at a low bridge with kayak piers and a pumping station. There is limited parking space.

From the starting point you head south. After 5 km. you pass the Castle Loenersloot. After the bridge follow the bend to the right and go straight on under highway A2. After the locks Demmerikse Sluis you turn right to the lake. When the wind is from the north or from the west there may be big waves after the bridge. Turn right and follow the south side of the lake. In the corner you find the entrance of a canal that leads to the north. Almost at the end of the canal you turn left at the sign. You come at the lake and you keep right following the village Baambrugse Zuwe. Turn right under the bridge. Follow the sign to the right. You pass the islands that separate the waterway from the canal. When you reach the north side of the Vinkeveense Plassen you go straight on following the main canal. Before the locks you turn right, and then take the third canal to the left. At the end you find a kayak-pier where you can portage to the Winkel. You go to the left and then turn right. After a short distance there is a low bridge, but there are kayak piers on both sides. You follow the Winkel until Stokkelaarsbrug. That's where you turn right on the Waver. After some distance you go under a bridge and on the wide canal you turn right. On the left corner you see Restaurant Voetangel. You pass a foot-ferry and after some distance you go under highway A2 to the lake Abcouder Meer. Keep right towards Abcoude. After a bridge there is a narrow canal to the left towards Weesp, but you turn right on the main canal. After a few bends you pass camping 't Riviertje and you see the windmill at the starting point.

GPS starting point near Baambrugge: N. 52.2591 E. 4.9876
Starting point at the portage place in the Winkel (De Horn): N. 52.2613 E. 4.9737

Downloadable GPS-track (24.7 km): Angstelroute.


Garden dome of the estate Valkenheining near Baambrugge. This is the oldest garden dome in the Netherlands. Is was built around 1700 and fully restored in 1977.

Castle Loenersloot. You can paddle around it.

Groenlandsekade east of the Vinkeveense Plassen.

View on the bridge at Baambrugse Zuwe to the northern Vinkeveense Plassen.

Locks Proosdijersluis to the Winkel. Portage is not allowed.




In the late summer the Winkel between De Horn and the Proosdijersluis is densely overgrown and difficult to navigate.